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The State of Advertising
And why your idea of it is wrong.

Strategy First
Technology allows us to gain a better understanding of your consumer’s needs, wants, impulses, and behaviors. This information is critical. With it, you can develop a more precise message and deliver it when customer is most approachable. You can touch more people, more frequently, and with better results.

Edeals Partnership is one of the country’s top retail coupon and discount e-commerce sites. MA+A understood that the media community had several “digital” revenue initiatives. TV, Newspapers, and radio were looking to better monetize their web sites. MA+A engaged the media to utilize the site in a “white label” solution and garner 50/50 revenues. Accomplished 28 TV markets, 15 radio stations, 3 newspaper markets.

Communicate 2012
Communicate! 2012, hosted by the USFSP Department of Journalism & Media Studies, was designed to offer business and brands best practices for social, digital and mobile. USF St. Petersburg journalism faculty and experts from the Tampa Bay Times, Time Inc., Pandora Internet Radio, McKay Advertising + Activation and lead the sessions.

Advertising + Activation
Advertising methods are evolving. Digital and mobile technologies are leading the way.

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