We don’t just bring you shiny new objects; we turn the lights on!

We don’t just bring you shiny new objects; we turn the lights on! 

Why Our Customers Trust Us!

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Franchise Whisperers

Everyday we hear from our franchise and multi-location partners that they are overworked. It’s the reality in a business environment that is reeling from pandemic disruption, the great resignation, economic inflation and technology proliferation. It is a lot, and most marketing departments and marketers need help.

Programmatic Buying for ALL Media

Programmatic buying simplifies marketing in an ever changing and crowded marketplace, with limitless options for customers. McKay Advertising + Activation strategically buys digital and traditional media using effective and automated purchasing to maximize consumer attention and make meaningful connections with target audiences.

Data-Driven Solutions for Digital Communications

Turning advertising impressions into relationships with consumers is the progress that a brand achieves to move from getting exposure to gaining attention. Exposure is easy and attention is more difficult because the former is a one-way message in a sea of media, while the latter gives the brand bandwidth to start two-way conversations that enhance understanding and build relationships.

Activation Bridge

The Activation Bridge is McKay Advertising + Activation’s differentiating service offering. It is our strategy and process whereby we work with brands that use a soft metric model of advertising, such as, cost per thousand impressions(CPM), click through rate (CTR), cost per rating point (CPP) and others, to a tangible ROI performance marketing model through in-store attribution, online bookings, orders, and other commercial-led performance indicators.

Website and Digital Storefront

Websites are likely the first stop where users build their perception of the brand. Your online presence is your digital storefront! Whether you are trying to increase ticket sales, collect customer information via forms or simply educating your customer, you will need an online destination.

Open Source Knowledge

Open Source values are creating transparent, powerful new marketplaces that operate in real-time and are driven by consumers. For marketing strategies to be effective, they must reflect these new marketplaces that are increasingly crowded, and work in agile ways that can be both appealing and convincing.


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