The 2023 Super Bowl Ads and The Metrics

Now that the Monday Marketing Q.B.s have pontificated: Here is the actual performance data and accurate critiques.

The 2023 Super Bowl featured a victory for the Chiefs, a Rihanna Concert, and some cool commercials. 

Super Bowl Sunday is a much-awaited event for sports enthusiasts and advertisers alike. The annual championship game is not just about football but also the pinnacle of advertising. The Super Bowl is an opportunity for brands to show off their products and services, typically alongside high-profile celebrities, to catch the attention of millions of viewers. It’s no secret that having an ad on Super Bowl Sunday costs a fortune, but its impact is remarkable. 

So (in no particular order), let’s talk about some of the most memorable ads featuring many celebrities and creative marketing tactics, and look at the metrics.

Tubi (Interface Interruption):

The Tubi commercial started many fights at Super Bowl watch parties nationwide. 

The ad began with sports announcers, and then it looked like someone had changed the channel and was searching for something else to watch. This commercial was a creative way of promoting Tubi’s streaming service. By showing viewers that there’s always something better to watch, they were able to leave an impression. 

The Tubi commercial exemplified the concept of pushing boundaries and taking a fresh approach to advertising. Rather than relying on typical promotional tactics or celebrity endorsements, Tubi took a chance on a unique strategy to promote its streaming services. The commercial left viewers confused and questioning what had just happened, as it defied conventional advertising norms.

The unconventional approach was successful, as the commercial generated buzz and sparked conversations among viewers. Ultimately, the campaign’s objective was to get people talking and raise awareness of Tubi’s streaming services.

PSA: This is a reminder to apologize to the person blamed for changing the channel. 

Now that we’ve discussed the marketing tactics Tubi used in their ad let’s look at the metrics.

According to Ad Age, Tubi drove more than 2x the mention of any other brand on Twitter. This confirms that their unique approach got people talking, who took the conversation to social media. 

Dunkin Donuts (Drive Thru):

The Dunkin Donuts Drive Thru commercial starring Ben Affleck hit the mark for the brand. 

This ad was particularly well-received by Bostonians, known to be loyal Dunkin fans. The ad displayed that Dunkin knows its audience and what they love about the brand. This was achieved by featuring Affleck running the drive-thru window and interacting with customers in a thick Boston accent. 

Dunkin Donuts displayed that they knew their audience and could resonate and connect with them through this commercial. People seek relatable content that evokes emotions or humor and makes them feel understood and appreciated. Dunkin, with this advertisement, is showing its loyal Boston customers how much they are valued, and the ad’s success confirms its effectiveness.

Now let’s look at the metrics. After the commercial aired, Dunkin Donuts earned the number one trending spot on Youtube and was also placed as the No. 17 U.S. trends spot on Twitter. According to Ad Age, Dunkin Donuts saw an 837% increase in social conversions after the Super Bowl, more than any other brand.

Bud Light (Bud Light Hold):

Bud Light’s Super Bowl ad starring Miles Teller, his wife, and his adorable dog hit all the marketing marks. The commercial was personable, cute, and funny, tapping into the recent Top Gun Maverick phenomenon. 

The ad features Miles Teller, his wife, and his dog dancing around the house, drinking Bud Light while being put on hold, displaying that Bud Light makes all moments of life a little more fun.

Bud Light demonstrated both personalization and relatability in their ad. By showcasing a mundane, everyday activity like being put on hold by customer service, the ad suggests that drinking Bud Light can elevate these simple moments and make them more enjoyable.

This advertisement was not only fun to watch, but it also produced some notable metrics. According to TVision Insights, Bud Light scored an index of 130.8, capturing 30.8% more attention than the average ad. This confirms that this marketing effort left a considerable impact which will be reflected in Bud Light sales. 

The Farmer’s Dog (Forever):

Warning: this commercial will most likely make you cry.


This Super Bowl commercial from The Farmers Dog was emotional and followed a girl and her dog throughout all the stages of life. This heartfelt commercial showcases the importance of pets in our lives. 

The Farmer’s Dog effectively conveyed its message to viewers, making them feel the need to take extra good care of their pets and treasure them for all they do for us. 

Emotional connection is a crucial aspect of effective advertising. Viewers crave a connection to the product or service and want to experience a range of emotions while watching the ad. By taking viewers on a heartwarming journey through a dog’s life, the ad evokes feelings of love and loyalty and emphasizes the brand’s commitment to fostering and nurturing the relationship between pets and their owners.

As far as metrics, this commercial also performed incredibly well. It was voted the best ad of the 2023 Super Bowl. The Farmer’s Dog commercial ranked the highest on the U.S. Today Ad Meter, earning the winning spot. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, the ad scored an impressive 6.56. Reaching the top spot is essential because this raises brand awareness and increases sales exponentially.

Workday- Rockstar:

Workday’s Super Bowl ad was a funny take on the corporate world, featuring many famous rockstars, such as Kiss and Ozzy Osborne. 

This ad resonates with the brand’s audience of corporate workers, who enjoy a bit of humor and lightheartedness. The ad conveyed that Workday can make the work experience more enjoyable.

It also conveyed that the corporate role needs to find new catchphrases.

Popcorners (Breaking Good):

The Popcorner’s commercial featuring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul from the hit T.V. series Breaking Bad made several funny references to the show. 

This commercial was a smart way of marketing Popcorners’ new product line by leveraging the show’s loyal fanbase. The use of the show’s characters and catchy tagline “Breaking Good” was a clever nod to the popular T.V. series.

By using a popular T.V. series, Popcorners is attempting to relate and connect with its audience and add some humor and personality to the brand, which proves to be a successful marketing tactic and will be essential to stand out from the competition in 2023.

Disney (100 Years):

Disney’s Super Bowl ad was nostalgic and heartwarming. The commercial was a trip back through your favorite childhood cartoons and movies. 


Disney leveraged viewers’ emotional connection with their childhood memories, left viewers feeling sentimental and reminded them of the magic of Disney.


This ad highlighted that the brand has built an emotional bond with its viewers and has been an important part of their lives. The ad also demonstrated the brand’s ability to evolve and stay relevant over time, creating new stories and characters that captivate the imagination of both the old and new generations. It emphasized Disney’s unique ability to create a magical and enchanting world that appeals to audiences of all ages while providing comfort and familiarity from a longstanding emotional bond with the brand.

Looking Ahead: 

The 2023 Super Bowl ads showcased several memorable and successful commercials, showing that the advertising industry is continuously evolving and adapting to new trends. This year’s Super Bowl ads displayed that a successful commercial can tap into the emotions and interests of its target audience. It also showed that advertisers continue to push the boundaries of creativity, finding new ways to make their brands stand out in the competitive advertising world.