3 Awful Fast Food Social Media Posts

Digital Marketing Fail

Since the dawn of social media, fast food joints have scrambled to provide content that will make them stand out to their consumer base. Some of their strategies have evolved over time, keeping up with various trends and lingo to fit in. Wendy’s is an internet favorite, always raising the bar for what brands can say. Others have stayed by the book to either look professional or to avoid serious backlash. McDonald’s has always been the poster child for a simple and sweet media presence (their tweets feel like a lawyer is constantly looking over the fast food social media intern’s shoulder.) 

Top 3 Worst Fast Food Social Media Moments

So, Good Intentions, terrible execution… what fast food social media posts come to mind? In light of the recent Burger King tweet drama, we found some hilarious (and sad) viral backfires in fast food internet history. 

KFC Trinidad Emancipation Day

On August 1st, 1985, Trinidad and Tobago became the first country to declare a national holiday to commemorate the abolition of slavery. To celebrate this KFC posted this graphic on August 1st, 2020 that has since been deleted. Many saw this image to be offensive, because of the black power symbol in the silhouette of KFC’s famous spicy chicken drumstick. A very interesting move given the recent racial tension in American with the entire Black Lives Matter movement and many other acts of injustice coming to light.

Pizza Hut and Kanye West

Kanye is known for a lot of things. His eccentric music and boisterous personality have captured the interest of many fans. His Twitter rants have become a thing of legend, coming out of nowhere, and causing a 24-hour storm on the site. Although others found it initially amusing, some suspected there was something wrong with the “Power” star. In 2018 Kanye began to open up about his mental illness and revealed he had bipolar disorder. Pizza Hut, without knowledge of this in 2016, posted a resume for him under one of his rants about being short on cash – including intentional misspelled words, and God as a reference. Although it wasn’t entirely ill-received at the time, hindsight makes this tweet look terribly insensitive. 

Burger King UK International Women’s Day

We’re sure you know about this one since it happened so recently so we’ll keep it brief. Burger King wanted to promote their scholarship that supports women in culinary positions on international women’s day. Easy enough right? All you have to do is post a nice graphic about one lucky student getting a scholarship and the positive media attention is yours. Except they tweeted “Women belong in the kitchen.” They’ve since deleted the tweet and apologized. In the midst of all of these mishaps, there is a valuable lesson: It’s okay to ask for other’s opinions before you post something.