The 4 Drivers of Success Along Your Digital Journey

The 4 Drivers of Success Along Your Digital Journey]Through experience with clients and research presented to us by Google, we’ve come to realize that to be successful in the ever-changing digital realm, there are 4 main drivers for success. To achieve a result-oriented ROI Marketing strategy, you need to have: Knowledge, Desire, Time & Resources.

Knowledge: The digital landscape is changing on a weekly basis and unless you are at the forefront of the field you are most likely going to be using out-of-date practices. Using old practices that are no longer speaking the same language as the current algorithm is a sure way to get left behind by your competition. Also, do you have someone with over 10,000 hours of expertise in each area? Someone with FB & Google certifications, that know the best practices? These are the type of questions you need to address.

Desire: Digital media isn’t easy and can often be a pain-staking, left brain oriented task. Does your team enjoying deep diving into the analytics day-in and day-out, and conducting the appropriate due diligence required for success? Or are they content with the status-quo? This is the type of desire required if you want to go from Ok to Outstanding!

Time: Google has shown us that to effectively manage your digital account you need to dedicate at least 20hrs a week per campaign to your AdWords optimization, and that’s not even including your LinkedIn or Facebook campaigns. We know this sounds like a lot and guess what, IT IS! But it’s this level of optimization and attention to detail that will allow you to be most successful in your campaigns.

Resources: Do you have a team of 3-5 that are dedicated to different areas of your digital growth strategy? If not, then you are missing out on enormous opportunity to get your business out there. We mentioned that Google recommends 20hrs per week, per campaign to be as effective as possible; but that’s just AdWords. What about content creation such as blogs, whitepapers and videos, email marketing, social media management, SEM (search, display & call-only) and time for research and webinars to keep up with the landscape?

You also need to think in terms of: 1) Access to the newest programs and software in the market 2) Are you a Google Premier Partner with access to beta tests 3) Strategic partnerships- Have you vetted various companies and know what works best with each campaign 4) Training- Are your staff attending monthly conferences and training sessions to improve their skillset?

Unless you are an agency it’s unlikely that your organization has the skillset to achieve this, so wouldn’t you rather focus on your core competency of growing your business? That’s where McKay Advertising + Activation can assist.