4 Monsters of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Monster

Halloween is here, and all of the monsters are coming out of hiding, and no we aren’t talking about the kids showing up at your door. However, don’t be afraid! While garlic or fire usually keeps the real monsters away, in digital marketing, there are different tactics you can use.

Here are 4 Digital Marketing Monsters you need to look out for this spooky season:


We all know those brands. The ones that created social media accounts a few years back because that is what they were told to do. They posted a few times when the account was first created but now only post once every few months. You see them occasionally but they are just remnants of what they once were.

Brands who become ghosts on social media lose the opportunity to attract new customers. It is important to keep a presence on social media platforms to continue to keep your brand at the forefront of your customer’s mind. If you can’t create a job specifically for social media, consider using software such as Later.com, ZoHo or Hootsuite that allow you to schedule posts in advance. This will make it easier for you to stay consistent in your posting and keep up your presence.


Vampires are bloodsuckers and in the marketing world vampires are big brands like Amazon. These bloodsuckers like to take small business’s ideas that are listed on the site and are best sellers and remake the product themselves.

Rain Design sold aluminum laptop stands for ten years on Amazon and became a best seller. They then noticed that amazon released their own version of the product for a cheaper price. Amazon can track what users buy and search for and use it to get an advantage over the retailors on their site. The reason bloodsuckers like Amazon are so dangerous is because not only do they take the idea but they advertise theirs above yours. 

Other bloodsuckers you have to look out for are fake accounts on sites like Amazon that buy and resell your products. 


Zombies have a one-track mind, all they think about is brains. Marketers become zombies when they only focus on selling the product or service. Zombies scare off potential or repeat customers by pushing a sale on them instead of trying to educate or help them.

To keep yourself from getting contaminated and turned into a zombie you have to focus on the buyer’s journey. It is not enough to focus on the purchase, you have to give attention to the full funnel including awareness, consideration, decsion, conversion and retention. You can do this by creating ways to keep your customers informed on the product or service through content like blogs, emails or videos. 


Witches put a lot of faith in magic. They want great results and an increase in sales but don’t put any thought into how they’d accomplish it. Marketers who blindly market and don’t use data to create a strategy can end up going down the wrong path and lose money.

At MA+A we know how to avoid becoming witches. When first getting started with a new client we set expectations using agreed-upon key performance indicators (KPIs). We then have bi-weekly meetings to refine the process based on results so it gets better. Marketing isn’t just a bunch of hocus pocus, it takes a lot of time and thought.MA+A hopes you have a fun and spooky Halloween and remember, no one likes the house that gives out raisins.