4 Things Football Can Teach You About Digital Advertising


Our favorite season is upon us, football season. Our Sundays are once again filled with games, tailgating, wings and lots of laundry. Football teaches us a lot about life like teamwork and never giving up but it also teaches us about digital advertising.

Make A Playbook

At the beginning of the season, the coaches make a playbook. They consider their players skills and analysis the competition to make a plan of what plays would be best suitable. In marketing, you want to be prepared for any situation and have a plan of how you will address it. A marketing plan helps every member of the team be on the same page and understand how they fit into the overall play. But just like in football, things don’t always go as planned so it is important you remain flexible and always have a backup play ready. 

Look At The Stats

Football has stats on each player’s interceptions, touchdowns, and wins. These stats help you understand the players’ techniques and skills on the field. In marketing, data is used to understand the consumer’s behavior and demographics. Data can also be used to track how an advertisement is performing with your consumers measuring the engagement or reach. Using the data marketers can make strategic decisions on how they want to run their campaign. Although a creative campaign is important to its success, a data-driven campaign guarantees success. 

Work As A Team

Just like in football, marketing campaigns consist of many different players with different strengths and weaknesses. Marketers can advertise on TV, print, and multiple different social media platforms. Knowing which platform would be best for your message or target consumer can make a big difference in the outcome. If you are trying to market to a millennial you’ll want to use social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram while an older target would be best reached on Facebook or TV. Even though each player has their own role in the game they all work together for a common goal. When advertising you will want to make sure no matter how many platforms you use your message stays consistent. 

Watch The Tape

After games, football players rewatch tapes of the games to see what they did well and what they can improve on. When running a marketing campaign, it isn’t enough to start it and be done. You’ll want to be constantly monitoring your work to see what parts of the campaign did well and what you need to change. There’s no reason to waste your time running a campaign that isn’t reaching your goals when you can tweak it to make it better.For updates on the football season and other sports follow MA+A Sports or check out our website