4 Ways to Achieve Third Party Endorsement

4 Ways to Achieve 3rd Party EndorsementA 2014 study found that PR is about 90% more effective than advertising in the consumer decision-making process when looking at content

Picture this, you walk into a room and there’s that one person who is talking loudly about their accomplishments (bad advertising). Now don’t get me wrong, this person has accomplished goals way beyond the average human capacity and has overcome great trail to do so. At the other end of the room, there’s another person talking loudly about a friend that has accomplished a great deal and has surpassed expectations (PR). Which person would you most likely want to meet? The person talking about themselves or the person being spoken about?Focus Group Findings

This month we conducted a series of focus groups consisting of CEO’s, managers and lower level professionals to figure out what sort of content most appeal to these individuals. One of the facts that surfaced was that people rate third-party endorsements a lot higher on their trust-scale as compared to hearing about it from the actual source. It’s sort of like if you see an ad for a restaurant vs your trusted friend recommending it to you.

People want to be part of a group and therefore usually conform to group beliefs. According to the classic psychological study of conformity by Solomon Asch, people conform to the group’s belief up to 1/3 of the time, even when they disagree with it themselves!

How does this apply to marketers?

As a marketer in the 21st Century trust is KEY in building relationships and inevitably growing your business. Although it is almost impossible to launch a business and have everyone else rave about you instantaneously there are steps you can take to get there. Here’s how we do it:

Get out there

Please don’t go knocking on doors telling people you do marketing, that’ll be annoying. Instead, find the nearest chamber and join, reach out to local charities and get involved, attend networking events, sign up to speak at events and host your own events. We host monthly lunches at our office to get people in and talking about us. Soon enough you’ll be the one getting invited to speak, but it all starts with getting out there.

Showcase value

Unfortunately, you are going to have to start by promoting yourself before others do it for you. So, start by showcasing how you have added value and helped others. People like to see results, not just fluff. Utilize case studies, blogs posts, testimonials and social media to tell your story using NUMBERS to showcase results.

Stay up with tech

New technology is being released daily and it’s your job to be in the know for yourself and your clients. The real trick is to figure out which software is right for you and is different from the rest. Recently we stumbled up a great native advertising company. They specialize in native ad placements (obviously), but they do it differently. Your content stays on the original site and doesn’t redirect. This allows it to appear as though your article is being featured on the publisher’s website and further increases the 3rd party endorsement factor. That’s a big value-add that was only discovered after vetting over 10 prospects.

Know your shit

The last thing you want is someone coming to you directly after hearing about you from a trusted source and you are unable to address their concern. So, it’s a good idea to know how all areas of your company work together.

The goal is to be the person being spoken about, not the person speaking about themselves. So get to it!