5 Ways You Can Use AI To Personalize Your Marketing

More and more marketers are switching to automated marketing because of its efficiency but it lacks a human touch. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a smarter automation that can learn and mimic human intelligence. NewVantage Partners 2019 Big Data and AI Executive survey states that “92% of the respondents are increasing their pace of investment in big data and AI” and you should be too.Here are 5 ways you can be integrating Artificial Intelligence into your daily marketing:

Unique Customer Insights

Going through tons of data is time-consuming and it is often hard to identify key insights. Using algorithms, AI is able to analyze data faster than a person can. Once the data is condensed, marketers can then use this data to identify the best consumer segments to target. By targeting the right comsumer with the right message personalization is achieved. 

Personalized Website Experience

AI can sift through a customer’s data and create a website experience that would best-fit the individual customer. Use tools like Hubspot an easy software to help you get started. With Artificial Intelligence you can create a website that will show specific displays or notifications based on the customer’s location, interests, or browse history. Some of your favorite sites such as Spotify and Netflix use Artificial Intelligence to give you personalized recommendations for new shows or songs. Personalized websites create a more meaningful experience leading to higher conversion rates and longer time spent on the site. Evergage, Inc. cited that 51% of marketers found that their conversion rate increased and 49% noted that their clickthrough rates also improved.

Instant Customized Customer Service

Customers want to be able to reach your company at any time and get an instant response. Using AI chatbots, you can be responding to customers 24/7 without the costs of paying for multiple customer service reps. In an MIT Technology Review Insights survey, they found that “almost 90% of companies report faster complaint resolution, and over 80% say they enhance call volume processing using AI”.  Chatbots can access data and track patterns to be able to solve problems, sometimes even better than humans. They are also able to cater their responses to connect with the customer using their personal interactions with the brand and website.

Tailored Content Creation

Marketers can create rules and guidelines to help AI create content with the correct data and style that fits your brand and customer. AI can find real-time numbers and activity to create relevant and up to date content. Using Artificial Intelligence, you can also get updated measurements of your content’s conversion and bounce rates.

Targeted Email Automation

AI can track and analyze website experience and browsing data of customers to create personalized emails. An Evergage, Inc report states that 71% of marketers surveyed use personalization in their email content. Some personalization tools they noted were tailored messaging and promotions based on the audience’s segment. Evergage, Inc. also found that AI is being used to send triggered email that are set off by product or content catalog changes as well as the user’s shopping behavior. Using the customer’s interactions with your website AI can recommend what to include and when would be most effective to send the email.AI allows you to create personalized marketing that leads to a more meaningful connection with customers. Artificial Intelligence is predicted to become more integrated into everyday marketing and it is important to learn how you can be using it. Stay ahead of your competition by learning how you can be using AI in more of your business.