A Franchise’s Guide To Becoming A Local Influencer

Influencer marketing has become a key method for promoting brands and building relationships. As the head of a digital marketing agency, I’ve seen firsthand that in the franchise sector, marketers are experimenting with how trusted influencers can promote their products and narrate their service experiences to attract current and new customers.

 Yet, there’s a disconnect between the way influencers grow and monetize their online following and the geographical limitations of franchise marketing. Influencers typically aim to expand their audience broadly, which suits e-commerce well because followers from any location can make purchases. However, for franchises confined to specific areas, finding local influencers is tricky because their reach and credibility are often limited to a smaller, regional audience.
This brings us to an innovative idea for franchise marketing and hyper-local campaigns: Why not create your own influencer within a desired geographic area? Use someone from within your franchise as an influencer. The best person to represent your brand is someone deeply involved, impassioned and who knows it inside out.

Influencer Marketing By The Numbers

Before I dive into an example of how one of our clients effectively approached this strategy, let’s take a look at the numbers. Why might a business want to invest in influencer marketing?

• Market Growth: The influencer marketing industry’s projected growth to approximately $24 billion by 2024 highlights the increasing investment and confidence in this strategy.

• Marketing Effectiveness: The fact that 85% of marketers perceive influencer marketing as effective underscores its pivotal role in modern advertising strategies.

• Budget Allocation: Nearly a quarter of marketers plan to allocate over 40% of their marketing budget to influencer campaigns, demonstrating the strategic importance of influencer marketing. This signifies a reallocation of resources toward methods that foster genuine connections and engagements.

A Client Case Study

One of our clients, a premier window and door installer with a new franchise in Raleigh, North Carolina, faced a challenging competitive environment dominated by established brands. These competitors had been investing in television and other media for over a decade to solidify their market presence. Furthermore, the franchise territory for this client did not cover the entire Raleigh market, creating a tough situation that demanded a unique approach.

Ashley, who owns the Triangle Area franchise, needed to become the influencer in her service area, and her message had to be delivered in a micro geography matching her franchise zips. She began to make social media videos about what the franchise offers:

• What technology and tools they use for better product delivery.

• What to keep in mind (including weather considerations) for buying windows in Raleigh, North Carolina.

These videos had great success and Ashley became known as the “window lady of Raleigh.” Her efforts were powerful enough to connect her to the brand. By sharing what’s unique about their business and products, Ashley became a well-loved local influencer, sharing her genuine passion and authenticity with the community.

The next crucial step for Ashley was the strategic use of her videos on social platforms like Meta, TikTok and YouTube. These targeted ads were cost-effective and reached only consumers within their service area. This approach combined hyper-local content with precision advertising, effectively setting her brand apart.

Tips For Localized Influencer Marketing

Embrace simplicity. Start with what you know and love. Showcase daily operations, introduce your team members, and provide a peek behind the curtain of your business operations. Authentic content resonates deeply with audiences, allowing them to feel a part of your brand’s journey.

• Keep content short and sweet. In an era where attention spans are fleeting, short-form content reigns supreme. Platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok have revolutionized how we consume media, emphasizing the impact of concise, engaging videos. Aim for content that delivers value within seconds, captivating your audience instantly.

• Unleash your creativity. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Embracing trends can showcase your brand’s personality and keep your content fresh. Whether it’s a dance challenge or a popular meme, integrating trends can elevate your brand’s visibility and relatability.

• Personify your brand. People connect with people. Talk about your brand’s local knowledge, influence, roots and anything that can help people identify you as their “neighbor.” Highlight your team’s culture, values and personalities to make your brand approachable and relatable. This connection is invaluable, transforming customers into community members.

• Be authentic through storytelling. Authenticity should be the cornerstone of your content. Share your successes, challenges and the real stories behind your products or services. This genuine approach builds trust and loyalty, encouraging deeper engagement from your audience.

• Include strategic calls to action. While authenticity and engagement are vital, converting viewers into customers is the ultimate goal. Effective CTAs guide your audience through the next steps—be it visiting your website, making a purchase or booking a service. Clear, compelling CTAs are crucial in transforming engagement into tangible outcomes.

3 Pillars Of A Successful Influencer

• Authenticity: Authenticity is the soul of influencer marketing. Influencers who maintain genuineness in their endorsements foster trust and reliability. Their followers value their opinions because they believe in the influencer’s integrity and honesty.

• Reach: While the size of an influencer’s following isn’t the only metric of success, the ability to reach a broad or highly targeted audience is crucial. It’s about connecting with the right people in a way that feels personal and direct.

• Trust: Trust is the foundation of any relationship, including that between an influencer and their audience. Influencers who have built a strong rapport with their followers can influence opinions and behaviors because their audience views their recommendations as credible and valuable. Localization of the conversation and the storytelling is critical.

In Summary

The evolution of franchise influencer marketing highlights the importance of local engagement. The most impactful influencers could be within your organization, ready to forge strong, meaningful connections that elevate your brand within the community. 

If this article resonates with your business and you want to explore localized influencer marketing, schedule a meeting with us. Together, we can tailor a strategy that best meets your goals.