Who’s With Me?

A Letter From Our CRO

Hey Folks,

This is my Jerry Maguire moment.

For most of you that know me, you know that it doesn’t get any more real than me.  

I am incredibly grateful that I still have a position and that I am able to reach out to all of you.  If I haven’t, it is because while I would LOVE to handle your account, I am sensitive that things have changed DRAMATICALLY for you and your business.

BUT, for those of you that I have, please know that I ABSOLUTELY do so because I know I can help.  I am not trying to be a pest or weirdly awkward in tough times. I am empathic. I have the same worries and challenges you do.  For my health, my family’s health, my finances, our company, my job, it goes on and on…JUST LIKE YOU.

But here’s what:

  1. We ARE going to come out of this.
  2. It will NOT look like it did 3 weeks ago
  3. We ARE going to have to change.  (The buzz word is “pivot” but I think it’s now cliche)
  4. Business will NOT be as usual
  5. Consumers, customers, clients, patients, brands, whatever you choose to call them are consuming media, news, TV, deals, your stuff or whatever you choose to call it DIFFERENTLY.

Here’s something else I know.  WE ARE NEVER GOING BACK. We will all work, onboard, meet and have meetings, close deals, etc. remotely.   Social media, streaming media, Instacart, GrubHub, etc., etc., etc. This will be our new “new normal”. How do I know this?  I am a human which makes me a consumer.

We, as gratefully operating businesses and quite frankly survivors, are going to have to lean in and push through.  Plain & Simple. We are the ones that will have to continue to build so we can help rebuild. Our families, our business, our communities, etc., etc., etc.

Now is not the time to “wring your hands”.  Get creative, think outside the box. Keep grinding!

Kind Regards,
Ann Marie