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We founded the company in 2005. When naming the company McKay Advertising + Activation adding the term  “Activation” was intentional. The culture drives us to be more than advertising. Driving ROI for our clients so they realize revenues from the resources allocated. The ROI first mentality begins with understanding the brand and its consumer’s behavior through the entire engagement process. This core value makes us immerse ourselves in data analytics and, in turn, develops more accurate performance forecasts for our customers. The intense focus on technology and data has refined our media capabilities and has given us the ability to generate higher ROI’s for our customers.

We believe in a bottom-up marketing approach instead of a top-down. The micro engagements with using a product or service, being introduced to a product or service, and those more tangible engagements through consumer usage build the brand. Usage brings acknowledgment which leads to endearment. This is the actual intersection point to brand loyalty and it’s accomplished at the micro-level. 

MA+A is leading the franchise and multi-location space by employing this consumer by consumer, store by store approach. Each location where the consumer can intersect with the brand has a unique media delivery strategy. Media technologies are equipped with store-level tracking and additional performance tracking elements. In MA+A’s transparent culture, media resources deliver how many people entered a particular location and used the products or service. MA+A doesn’t require extensive budgets to employ but delivers through experience and expertise. These additional integrations equip our Google and Facebook campaigns with this attribution and detailed reporting. Peter Drucker quote “If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it”. Our culture drives MA+A to be a brand’s best decision because consumer usage is maximized for the dollars allocated.


Using programmatic tools, we go down the sales funnel with a client to see how we can best activate their website and our campaign effectively enough to drive the results that our client desires.

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It all begins with uncovering key insights, setting objectives and recognizing a strategic approach. This manifests itself into the framework that guides the account’s trajectory.

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As a Google All-Star Agency, we pride ourselves on the fact that we leverage the search giant’s most cutting edge tools to maximize your return on media investment. We also cultivate other non-Googly partnerships in the e-commerce, programmatic and SEO space.

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We bring both our successes and learning experiences to the table daily. There’s no time like the present to be honest + transparent.


Our fast-paced industry is constantly evolving. Fail fast, fail hard, but most importantly optimize for success for ourselves + our clients.


We go to battle day in and day out for our client’s success. It’s a battle for ROI and we have the best tools technology + data can offer.


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Our growing team of industry experts offer unique perspectives on each project we encounter. Our strength stems from the diversity of our team and also their innate desire to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices. We pride ourselves on our ability to constantly bring new ideas to the table and optimize for what works best specific to your needs.


Bob Mckay

President | Owner | CEO

Matt Giardino

Director of Performance Marketing + Analytics

Christian Bayne

Director of Content Strategy & Market Research

Alex Andrews

Executive Director of Social Advertising

Alexander Santa

Director of Integration + Technology

Jennifer Leigh Crawford

Media Director


Val Pinchbeck

Video Director


Walt Marsicano

Audio Producer



There are agencies who stand in front of you. They are worried about the creative discussion, the optics of your competitive situation, but are not in touch with ROI, revenues, and business outcomes. There are agencies who stand behind you that are just worried about ROI and last touch attribution from their search campaigns.
Then there’s MA+A who stands shoulder to shoulder with you and guides you through the new era in marketing. The era that involves full channel customer journey design, CX, design fulfillment, ROI & live reporting tools. With supporting technology, to understand and fulfill your customer’s needs ahead of your competitors, MA+A is your equal. Our client’s success is our success.



Data is the fuel that drives our decisions at McKay Advertising + Activation and feeds our ROI-driven algorithms. The most valuable data you can obtain is your own data. Every offline and online marketing campaign with the aim of bringing visitors to your website provides the opportunity to obtain data. Whether it is segmenting website visitors or using CRM data, all your touchpoints can potentially be leveraged and used to reach your audience and increase ROI. McKay Advertising + Activation works with you to capture and employ your data assets to achieve your marketing goals more efficiently.