cKay Advertising + Activation was founded in 2005 and quickly established itself as Tampa’s most trusted digital marketing partner.

Adding the word “Activation” to our name is intentional. It reflects a distinct mission, purpose, and a transparent view on how we create client partnerships, through supporting businesses achieve their objectives, in effective and measurable ways. Therefore, the name also reveals a focus on getting the job done and contributing to brands’ improvement, growth, and revenue, including our own brand. 

This culture drives us to be more than an advertising agency. It challenges us to be inventive and creative and make our proprietary strategy tool that we call “Activation bridge” a way of working and achieving results – for all clients and on every project. It is through the “Activation Bridge” that brands cross from soft metric advertising measurements to ROI, performance-based and revenue-based metrics.

We believe in a bottom-up brand marketing approach instead of a top-down one. What this means is that the brand, product, or service is built through consumer usage and experience. Usage builds understanding which leads to endearment if a particular interaction was favorable. Positive interactions lead to brand loyalty, and it’s accomplished at the micro-level, one consumer at a time. 

McKay Advertising + Activation is leading the franchise and multi-location space by employing a consumer-centric and store-focused approach. Each location, where the consumer can intersect with the brand, has a unique media delivery strategy. Media technologies are equipped with store-level tracking and additional performance tracking elements. These additional integrations enhance our Google and Facebook campaigns, for example, with the latest attribution and consumer tracking technologies.

Our Vision

McKay Advertising + Activation stands shoulder to shoulder with you and guides you through a new era in marketing. This new era involves full channel customer journey design, UX, design fulfillment, and live ROI reporting tools. We utilize the latest technologies to understand and fulfill your customers’ needs and place your brand ahead of the competition. 

McKay Advertising + Activation values client partnerships that contribute to mutual success and growth.

Our Philosophy

Data is the fuel that guides our decisions and feeds our ROI-driven algorithms. The most valuable data you can obtain is your own data. Every time an integrated marketing campaign that brings visitors to your website is an opportunity to obtain data. Whether it is segmenting website visitors or using CRM data, all touchpoints can potentially be leveraged and used to reach your audience and increase ROI. 

McKay Advertising + Activation works with you to capture and employ your data assets to achieve your marketing goals more efficiently.