Super Bowl Ads: A Waste Of Money?

Super Bowl Ads: A Waste Of Money?We’ve offered thoughts on the struggle of branding in a digital world where convenience often trumps brand recognition. Things get even blurrier when you take into account the task of measuring the specific reach of an ad or whether or not a campaign provided meaningful, ready-to-analyze ROI.

It all really came to a head today when our friends at Digiday pointed out all the digital you could buy with the $5 million it costs to buy a 30-second TV spot during #SB50. Some highlights include:

  • An entire Agency (assuming you would add 40 junior staffers)
  • 2.5 billion Instagram impressions (based on an average $2 CPM)
  • 1.6 billion Facebook impressions (assuming $3 CPM and $.01 cost-per-view)

Also mentioned were Snapchat lenses for a week, 166 million impressions on Pinterest, and even five custom emojis on Twitter. The real doozy, however, was the fact that you could use the $5 million to buy 2.63 billion display ad impressions (their math was based on assumptions that display ads sell for $1.90 CPM in the U.S). Now that is scale.

So marketers, let’s assume that we aren’t Drake and answer this question:

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