Believe It: Kmart’s ‘ridiculous’ holiday shopping

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Believe It: Kmart’s ‘ridiculous’ holiday shopping commercial isn’t as crazy as you think

The results of a study conducted by Epsilon in June surveyed 3,000 consumers age 25 and over were released two days ago. They wanted to find out when people are shopping for the holidays, and found that 18 percent had begun shopping for the holidays by the beginning of June 1, 56 percent planned to shop in October and November, and 74 percent planned to shop in September, October and November.

A National Retail Federation study found that in 2014, 40 percent of consumers surveyed shopped in September and October, before Halloween.

So really, as our friends at DIGIDAY point out, how crazy is Kmart for running that ad you see below prepping shoppers for the holiday?


In our “busy” lives, no one is ready to start thinking about holiday shopping, but the fact of the matter is that retailers not acting on it are dangerously close to falling way behind. Kmart isn’t trying to ruin America with commercialism, it is simply supplying a demand and being okay with the idea that shoppers, too, want a head start.

So tell us, how crazy is Kmart?