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A Franchise’s Guide To Becoming A Local Influencer

Influencer marketing has become a key method for promoting brands and building relationships. As the head of a digital marketing agency, I’ve seen firsthand that in the franchise sector, marketers are experimenting with how

The Power of Private Equity: A Marketing Perspective

In the bustling world of business growth and development, understanding the mechanisms that drive companies forward is crucial. Among these mechanisms, private equity stands out as a significant player. As a digital marketing agency,

2024 Digital Marketing: AI, Social Media, and Video Trends

Embracing the Media Evolution Welcome to the digital age of 2024! As a digital marketing agency, we’ve seen the transformation from traditional media to the dynamic digital world.    With over 5.17 billion social media users

The Latest Trends in Digital Marketing 2023

Welcome to the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. Somehow we are already more than half way through the year of 2023. Marketers must stay on top of the latest trends and strategies so that

Is Traditional Media Dead in Marketing? Exploring the Shift to Digital Advertising

This blog post explores the relevance of traditional media in today’s digital age and emphasizes the importance of integrating digital marketing strategies. It highlights generational differences in media preferences and the need for personalized communications. The article discusses the advancements in digital marketing, such as AI and data analytics, and concludes that a balanced approach combining traditional and digital platforms is necessary for effective marketing in the modern landscape.