Programmatic x Pabst: 3 Things We Learned

Programmatic x Pabst: 3 Things We LearnedIt was truly a pleasure hosting you all for a candid conversation about programmatic media buying’s move into the traditional space. We look forward to your feedback about the event, but here are a few things we learned last week.With at least 85MM registered users on alone, sophisticated demographic data is coming

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Programmatic Spending Will Hit $22B, So What Is It?

Programmatic Spending Will Hit $22B, So What Is It?Programmatic spending is supposed to hit $22B this year, according to an eMarketer forecast. Digiday adds that the spend is a 40 percent increase from 2015, spurred by a growing comfort around the technology. McKay Advertising + Activation is happy to report that two of our guys are headed to New

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Demystifying Google Tag Manager

Demystifying Google Tag ManagerGoogle Tag Manager GTM The Google Tag Manager Tag will be placed at the bottom of this email. The power of using this tag is that it allows a single placement of code onto every page of the site which allows us on the campaign and tracking end to be able to add and remove any

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Super Bowl Ads: A Waste Of Money?

Super Bowl Ads: A Waste Of Money?We’ve offered thoughts on the struggle of branding in a digital world where convenience often trumps brand recognition. Things get even blurrier when you take into account the task of measuring the specific reach of an ad or whether or not a campaign provided meaningful, ready-to-analyze ROI. It all really came to a

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SEO & SEM: There is a difference.

SEO & SEM: There is a difference.There is a huge difference between SEM and SEO — we didn’t want to have to write this post, but sadly the terms are often used interchangeably. Popular knowledge says that search engine optimization (SEO) uses Off-Page and On-Page activities to ensure that a site appears high on a list of search result.

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Is Branding Dead?

Is Branding Dead?Marketers want efficient media spend, so why does  TV have the lion’s share of advertising dollars in the US? Measuring a TV spot’s effectiveness is a little like a craps shoot, isn’t it? The runner-up in ad spend is online advertising, which is extremely effective at measurement and tracking. James Zhao writes that “what matters is not

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Camels, Geico, and another shakeup in radio ad buying

Camels, Geico, and another shakeup in radio ad buyingAdAge pointed out that Katz Radio Group is starting to sell radio spots on its programmatic exchange, with Geico making the first buy this week. Katz sells ad space on behalf of radio networks like CBS, Cumulus, Entercom, iHeartMedia and Cox Media Group, among others. It represents more than 3,000 radio

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Must Read for marketers : The Next 18 Months – “Cutting the Cord”

Must Read for marketers : The Next 18 Months – “Cutting the Cord”“It’s official. Americans are “cutting the cord.” In the last few months alone, more than 600,000 subscribers quit their cable and satellite companies, saying they’re content to find another way to catch their favorite shows.” –Yahoo News This is part one of a four part essay MA+A

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