Customer Experience Lessons From Disney

customer experience

The customer experience is the interaction a customer has with a business from awareness to service. It is important for brands to be aware of every point of a customer’s experience because every touch point can impact their relationship with your business. 

Disney has always been a leader in cultivating the ultimate customer experience. After taking a dive into their work, it is clear why Disney has been successful in everything they’ve done. From their resorts to parks their main focus is always the customer. Here are a few lessons you can learn from Disney to make your customer experience magical.

Make The Experience Magical

Customers are three times more likely to repurchase from a business or recommend it to a friend if they feel emotionally engaged. A great experience isn’t based on what you say but how you say it. It is important to understand that it is not enough to go through the motions of helping a customer but to understand what they need to make their experience with your business a good one. Disney always finds any way they can make a simple act bring happiness. They have always been good at taking an issue and making it positive. For instance, when children have waited in line and find out they are too small Disney gives them a Fastpass that allows them to skip the line. Their employees are taught that the simplest of things can make or break a visitors experience.

Keep Branding Consist

From first point of contact to point of purchase your brand should be consistent and clear. Whether it is your landing page or social posts the tone and content should all match. One easy way to implement this is by using the same color for everything you do. Another way is by deciding what message your business is trying to send to your customers and making sure that everything you do reflects that.Disney creates a world that the customer can get lost in. Disney’s motto is “The Happiest Place on Earth” and they make sure everything they do reflects that. From being greeted by a “cast member” to the rides and food they provide everything goes along with their theme. This gives the customer a clear idea of what the brand is and what they stand for.

Personalize The Journey

Personalization is the key to making the customer feel connected to your business. When the customer feels like they have a personal connection with a brand they are more likely to feel loyal to the business. Disney uses their smartphone app and MagicBand to create a personalized experience for their guests. Disney is able to send personalized messages through the app including photos taken on a ride. The bands also allow for the guest to get specific Fastpasses for their favorite rides or see results from games they played.

Take Feedback

The only way your business can improve is if you learn from your mistakes. Often businesses are unaware of the pain points in a customer’s journey that can be causing loss of business.  Customers often know best about what works and what doesn’t so it is important you give them the opportunity to give feedback and that you actually listen. 

Disney has listening posts where they can learn directly from customers what they need to improve on. For instance Disney learned that customers were always asking about their character’s locations. Disney then started the CHIP (Character Hotline and Information Program) system that helps guests see where the characters are.

Hire The Right People

Designing the customer experience is the easy part, implementing it is when it gets hard. The best way to make sure your design is implemented well is by making sure you are hiring the right people. Your employees are the ones who are at the front-line interacting with your customers. It is important to make sure your employees have a clear purpose and have the freedom to help the customer.Disney believes every detail is important. From the janitors to the characters they expect their employees to fully represent their brand. Not only do they put a lot of focus on their hiring process but they also do extensive training before allowing their employees to interact with any customers. Disney encourages their employees to be creative and have fun with their job with the purpose of making an enjoyable experience for guests.A business’s goal is to leave a good taste in the customer’s mouth at the end of their interaction. According to a study conducted by the Gottman Institute, it takes 5 positive interactions to outweigh 1 negative interaction. It is crucial that your business is doing everything possible to design a good customer experience.At Mckay Advertising + Activation we increase our customer’s revenue and profits by designing a customer journey from first-touch to paying customer, and we track it all the way through.