Data-Driven Solutions for Digital Communications

Turning advertising impressions into relationships with consumers is the progress that a brand achieves to move from getting exposure to gaining attention. Exposure is easy and attention is more difficult because the former is a one-way message in a sea of media, while the latter gives the brand bandwidth to start two-way conversations that enhance understanding and build relationships. 

In a data-driven age, first party data is essential. Experts say we will soon approach a time when third party data will be hard to come by, which makes first party data crucially important. It is through this data that we can continue developing an insightful understanding of consumers’ needs and develop an ongoing relationship with loyal customers.

If you have not already done so, acquiring first party data can be done through various digital channels, including Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, and others. Acquiring data is a key tactic to have consumers share their data for further communication via SMS, email, and even phone automation. 

Delivering a message to a prospect or consumer is easily done but selecting the right platform and gaining their attention is more difficult. McKay Advertising + Activation believes in the importance of activating every brand message with an ask to continue the conversation in a cohesive, integrated, and systematic approach. Email, SMS, and phone are all used to develop the highest opportunity and lifetime value (LTV) for the brands we serve.

Each communication method has its own benefits and allows for a different type of interaction. Email is great for starting a conversation with a new prospect, SMS is perfect for keeping in touch with current customers, and the phone is best for more personal interactions and more complex offerings. However, it’s not enough to just send out communications randomly; we need to design our campaigns in such a way that we are maximizing the value of each interaction.

McKay Advertising + Activation  is a full-service agency that specializes in creating long-term effective campaigns because we understand the value of that click or phone call. Our team of experts optimize communications, so you can get back to what you are good at. We do this by analyzing the platforms’ effectiveness for your business model and meeting you where your business is at, adapting to your CRM strategy and POS technologies to drive ROI.

Transform each touch, click, and action into lifetime value for your brand.