Demystifying Google Tag Manager

Demystifying Google Tag ManagerGoogle Tag Manager GTM The Google Tag Manager Tag will be placed at the bottom of this email. The power of using this tag is that it allows a single placement of code onto every page of the site which allows us on the campaign and tracking end to be able to add and remove any number of pixels without having to go through the slow process of interfacing with another webmaster for new campaigns, testing revenue attribution, etc. It is not uncommon for me to do hundreds of changes depending on the complexity of that we are trying to track. The Tags That Are Loaded Through GTM There are loads of different tags that can be loaded through GTM including Google Analytics, Remarketing and Conversion tracking.With GTM I can configure different tags to fire based on specific user events, pages visited, and hundreds of other website interactions. Here are some links to pages written by Google themselves that go into a bit more detail but still keep the language at a “layman” level. Also, keep in mind that this single GTM tag is capable of loading tags from any company or platform including Facebook, Twitter and any other advertising platform that we use as we are always moving spend to different platforms as where the best use of the spend is. Learn About Remarketing Learn About Conversions Instructions for Implementation This should be placed just below the opening tag on every page of the site. On any modern website content is loaded dynamically so this should just amount to adding the code to a header template that loads on every page. Let me know if there are any issues or questions.