Stream DIGIDAY’s Content Marketing Summit

Stream DIGIDAY’s Content Marketing SummitLIVE STREAM:
#DigidayDCMS Content Marketing Summit

**Digiday’s Content Marketing Summit kicks off Wednesday February 10 at 4 p.m. CST — Look for updated links and streams then. If you’re looking for the picture of the cute cat we posted yesterday, then click here right meow.*

The boys and our partners at Google are taking on a few hundred people at the National Entrepreneur Center in Orlando on Thursday February 11, but they sent Ray to Austin, Texas to take part in Digiday’s three-day content marketing summit, which runs from February 10-12.He’ll be learning alongside other shops like Digitas, Carat, and Vert was also getting a chance to learn from marketing minds at places like Tiffany & Co., 3M, Capital One, Birchbox, and Southwest Airlines.

Tackling measurement and ROI will be on the agenda and the summit aims to examine how leading companies strategize, plan, create, distribute and measure successful campaigns.

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