Early Adopters make better targets

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Early Adopters make better targets

There is a good amount of discussion about how the “technology early adopter” is a difficult to reach consumer. These individuals avoid commercial messaging through their devices . They use DVR’s, Hopper’s or other mechanisms to access content, while avoiding the commercial messages contained in the content and this has some marketers and publishers concerned. From analyzing our agency campaigns over the last 24 months I find this analysis partially true.With traditional media vehicles there is a sharp movement away from these content distribution mechanisms.The tech (early adopter) consumer can digest content through many different and convenient “tech” vehicles.

It’s no revelation that this consumer is not using traditional media as in the past. However, this makes the consumer even more attractive if you change your tact. Moving into the digital, mobile, and social arena changes the dynamic. The early adopter consumer is an easier person to engage with you brand for three reasons. 1)If they are an early adopter to technology they can be super targeted and more cost effectively reached. The tech vehicles allow for precise geo, demo, and psycographic targeting. In addition, mobile display, digital display and other vehicles are very cost effective from a CPM standpoint. For example, currently print advertising takes in around 21% of media revenues compared to their 5% of consumer’s time spent. The monies are still being spent in the traditional manner, and this keeps overall demand light for digital. Using digital allows for precise targeting and efficient pricing. 2) Early adopters are generally more open to evaluate a “shiny new object”. They will stay open minded to a marketing message. In addition, they also give brands more credence who use their devices to reach them. Marketing Week research stated “Early adopters of innovative products could be an even more valuable audience for online advertisers than previously thought. New research, seen exclusively by Marketing Week, reveals they are 92% more likely than average consumers to be influenced by online advertising.” So you have an open minded consumer who can be credibly leveraged by using tech vehicles to communicate. Sounds like an ideal situation for advertisers. 3) Early adopters are very socially connected. If you can get them to be excited about your brand they will continue “carrying the water” for you. They use social media constantly for engagement, entertainment and education. If motivated properly they will assist your marketing initiatives. Whether it is leveraging discounts, cool product, or another perceived value they can instantaneously let their network know their approval. This consumer goes beyond the value of an individual and should be analyzed through a network valuation. From my experience and view the early adopter is opportunity #1. If you look at this consumer through the digital space, it is pure gold. Complete access, cost efficient, super targeted, credibly received, open minded, and if impacted will distribute the message further. A marketer’s dream!