Election News: Bernie & Cruz Are Better At Facebook Than Advertisers

Election News: Bernie & Cruz Are Better At Facebook Than AdvertisersAn election doozy. Ted Cruz is sexy. Well his Facebook is. Not all the time, though.

The presidential hopeful is still fighting an uphill battle with the Don (who, according to this Gizmodo article, apparently doesn’t use computers?), but today Cruz scored some kudos from our friends at Digiday for his use of social media.

The 45-year-old senator from Texas — along with democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders (not to be confused with Bernie Sanders) — got a lot of love for their use of Facebook’s new Canvas tool. The mobile-only ad format is being compared to Instant Articles already available for publishers.

The Sanders campaign is credited with being the first political endeavour to ever use the format. The democrat spent $350,000 in Iowa and reached over 750,000 people ($466 CPM). He spent $175,000 in New Hampshire and reached 330,000 folks there ($530 CPM). Yes, that’s a big number when we’re tossing out CPMs, and while L’Occitiane recently ran a Facebook anvas campaign that reached 2.3 MM Facebook users, the beauty brand would not disclose the costs. We all know social advertising carries higher costs than traditional display campaigns.

Details on the cost of Cruz’s campaign are not available and his campaign has not yet responded to email inquiries.

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