Enterprise Florida’s Tie Logo

Enterprise Florida’s Tie LogoIf you’ve read any Fla. business periodicals this week you have probably read reports about the new logo developed by Enterprise Florida Inc., a public-private partnership trying to promote Florida’s job growth. They released an early look at the state’s first “business brand” last week. The backlash is over a new logo that features a men’s necktie as the “I” in Florida. The slogan is “Florida: the perfect climate for business,” and a logo was shown to Enterprise Florida’s board and the press. The backlash for many is the sexist element a necktie portrays.The tie is a very male symbol and that it is not welcoming to female owned businesses. An American Express study published last year ranked Florida fourth among female owned businesses (587,600). My concern is one, a female business owner sees the logo and thinks of not moving their company because they’d rather not engage a “good old boys network”, and the other concern is they see that logo and think “dated”. Forget the fact that female owned businesses are the life blood of commerce in Florida. The fact the new logo ignores this element is the easy critique. No offense to women, but the even more offensive mistake is the neck tie is dead. In a fashion sense if you are living in Fla. you do not wear a neck tie, and especially if you are a business owner or entrepreneur. Hello the 50’s called and they want their logo back. Florida needs to attract manufacturing and technology. Nothing screams “behind the times” like a neck tie. Look at Marc Cuban, Mark Zuckerberg, and Tim Westerberg from Pandora. The entrepreneur folks don’t where neckties. In addition, our climate rarely supports the temperatures for a necktie. The slogan should have been “a perfect climate for sweating your ass off wearing a necktie”. Melissa Medley, Enterprise Florida’s chief marketing officer, said the point of the campaign was to make people recognize the state as a business destination and not simply a tourist destination. “The idea of a cartoon tie being considered sexist is somewhat of a stretch,” she said. “The most recognizable icon of the business world is a tie. It has nothing to do with men or women.” No but the idea of a cartoon tie being completely out of style and giving the state a perception of being void of entrepreneurs and fashion sense is understandable.