Fortnite: A Marketing Genius


Fortnite just released Chapter 2 and just in time. After two years of Fortnite, players were starting to get bored. Fortnite was slowly slipping behind other games and losing the attention it used to have. Now, everyone is talking about chapter 2 from streaming sites to celebrities on twitter like Lady Gaga. Fortnite is being labeled a marketing genius for their tactics used to release their new season. Here are a few of the key aspects that lead to their success:

Live Event

Fortnite has hosted live events in the past that have gotten a lot of attention. From a giant monster shaking the map to Marshmello putting on a virtual concert, Fornite has always taken risks with their events. Thousands of users go online to experience the one-of-a-kind event. Streamers would flock to the events live streaming their experience to thousands of viewers. 

At 11 a.m. on the 13th of October, the event to launch the new season began with a rocket taking off followed by an explosion so big it lead to a black hole. The live stream had 20,000 viewers on twitter and 65,000 on Twitch, a video game streaming service, on just Fortnite’s channels as of October 14th. Fortnite had more than 300,000 total viewers across all of Twitch. 


Sometimes it takes something big and unconventional to really make a splash. Fortnite and the blackout were trending on Twitter for days after the live event generating buzz about the new season. From jokes about people getting their life together without the distraction of Fortnite to people making guesses about how long the blackout would last, everyone had something to say. Some users even began to tweet about conspiracies like Fortnite going bankrupt or being bought out by Elon Musk and deleted.

Some gaming streamers even spent hours streaming them staring at the black hole waiting for the game to start.

Fresh New Start

Sometimes marketers need to start a brand from scratch to make it better. Change isn’t always easy but sometimes it’s necessary. Users were beginning to get bored with Fortnite and were not playing. Even streamers who get paid to play began to stop out of frustration.

People also noted that new aspects of the game like a Batman zone and a zone that was to promote the new Borderlands 3 game started to make Fornite feel like one big ad. Instead of denying a problem Fortnite gave themselves a fresh start for their new season. Fortnite changed their map, graphics, and guns giving their users the excitement of discovering new elements like they had when they first started playing the game. They even blacked out the locations on the map until you’ve gone to that location forcing the players to discover all the new features.

Listened to Feedback

Many brands lose customers from poor customer service. Customers often feel frustrated when they are not able to get in contact with a real person when they call or feel like they aren’t being listened to. What is great about Fortnite is they are always changing the game based on their player’s feedback. For the launch of their new season Fornite took it up a level and changed multiple aspects.

In the last season of the game, players complained that there were too many challenges and they had to grind a lot to move up in levels. Fortnite made it easier to level up with simple tasks to give you points. They also heard how much people were complaining about the map getting boring which is the reason behind the overhaul of their old map.

Free Access

Fortnite has been doing this since they started but it is a huge factor in their success. Fortnite allows players to create a free account to play online. If the player wants to be able to get more challenges and unlock skins and characters they have to pay for the Battle Pass. Fortnite also contains a store where anyone can buy skins for their weapons and characters. What is great about this idea is that Fortnite gives players a chance to try the game and get invested before they are required to buy-in.

As marketers, you need to understand that consumers are going online to research before they make purchases. If you want them to buy-in to your service or brand you have to give them a reason. Creating blogs or informational videos is a great way to share information with potential customers and allows them to get to know you risk-free.