Get Involved: How to Fill an Empty Resume Without a Job

Get Involved: How to Fill an Empty Resume Without a JobIn 2016 Matthew Giardino was bored during the summer months and picked up an assignment to help fill his free time. Little did he know that he would be working for an ad agency soon after and his summer assignment would play a role in his selection. The research was published by the Annals of Family Medicine and is titled “An Updated Analysis of Direct-to-Consumer Television Advertisements for Prescription Drugs”. We recently conducted an in-person interview with Matt to gain insight into why he chose to get involved.Tell me three things about yourself.

  • USF Grad, Mass Communications conc/ PR
  • 2018 National Sled Hockey Champion. Tampa Bay Lightning
  • “I am currently most interested in web analytics and the role it plays in driving better results for clients”

How did you get involved with the research?

“My professor Janelle Applequist, PhD approached me and asked if I’d like to join a research team. At first, it sounded it bit out of my league, but when she mentioned the topic I was more than happy to accept her offer and join the team. “

What did your team do?

“We were tasked with compiling a codebook consisting of data within a specific number set. We looked at a series of different pharmaceutical advertisements in relation to FTC regulations and what tactics they used to get their message across. We then identified various trends and compiled them into categories. The categories were used to analyze the effect of direct-to-consumer television advertisements for prescription drugs on the end consumer.”

Thoughts on the process?

“It was one of the most beneficial voluntary assignments that I’ve ever done.”

Any advice for undergrads?

“If you find yourself with nothing exciting to do during the summer, I highly suggest learning about the industry you want to go into. It’s a great opportunity to get some experience on your resume and fill a job void.”

In a nutshell, Matt’s advice is to get involved!

Check out the research article and the findings here.