Ghostery reveals why your competitors are way ahead of you

Ghostery reveals why your competitors are way ahead of youAFTER YOU GHOSTERY, RSVP FOR OUR FEB. 9 MARKETING SYMPOSIUM WITH GOOGLE.

Transparency is a big thing around this agency. We’re brutally honest with each other at the office, and we’re not afraid to share every bit of information from a campaign with our client partners. Hell, we even invite locals to come through and ask us any questions they may have about optimizing or building their own digital strategies (attend our Feb. 9 session with Google with a free RSVP).Transparency is why we love using Ghostery while bouncing around the nets. And if you’re not using Ghostery to gauge the digital strategies of your own business’ competitors, then you best get caught up.

As a side note, the extension has been around for a while, and there are ways to get around it, but we thought it’d be nice to bring it back up as some of our conversations have led to us mentioning it to people.

In short, Ghostery is a browser extension that will show you what tracking tags a company’s website is using on visitors. As the person in charge of “digital marketing” for your company, you should have it installed. It’ll either make you feel more confident about the direction you’re headed in or make you a little queasy about getting left behind in the already booming world of intelligent, nuanced digital advertising.Ghostery looks for third-party page elements (or “trackers”) on the web pages you visit. These can be things like social network widgets, advertisements, invisible pixels used for tracking and analytics, and so on. Ghostery notifies you that these things are present, and which companies operate them. You can learn more about these companies, and if you wish, choose to block the trackers they operate.

Yeah, you could block all the trackers you end up finding, but we like having them active and following us around the internet as we all work towards a smarter, more useful web experience.Here’s what Ghostery tells you when you land on McKay Advertising & Activation’s website (nine tags). That list in the purple pop up reveals some of the tools we’re using to gather data about your browsing habits, so we can analyze all of it and make better decisions about how to market to someone like you.Here’s the homepage for Nike in the United States (30+ tags)……and here’s one for a little running store in Rialto, California (that’s one Google Analytics tag down there).Every business has different needs, and just because there are loads of tags on a site doesn’t mean it’s the right recipe for digital success. These tools give marketers more control, and aren’t meant to hold control over marketers.

It’s all fun, but no one ever really reads past this part in a blog post, so if you want to shoot the breeze about this topic (or any digital advertising topic for that matter) call us or shoot an email over to Eric.

Better yet, make plans to join us in Ybor City on Tuesday, February 9 at 3 p.m. when our partners at Google fly over for a special info session. We’ll do the whole nerdy digital advertising thing and then share more ideas over cocktails while enjoying our office patio across the street.

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