The Power of YouTube Advertising

Google Partners Connect Recap: The Power of YouTube AdvertisingMcKay Advertising + Activation was able to host another Google Partners Connect livestream last month! Due to our Google Premier Partnership, we host one event every month covering different topics and the most recent one was about The Power of YouTube Advertising.

  • The era where Reach was scarce & Attention was plentiful (TV) has passed, and we now live in the era where Reach is plentiful & Attention is scarce (content overload)
  • About 1/5th of the U.S population has never even had cable in their household
  • YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine in the world
  • YouTube offers:
    • Big Reach- 1 B Hrs. of views per day
    • Engaged Users– 93% Ad viewability with 95% Ad audibility
    • Precise Ad Targeting– 4 different Ad formats to choose from (Skippable Pre-roll, Pre-roll Bumper Ads, Companion Banners & Call-to-action Overlay)
  • YouTube offers Precise Targeting:
    • Core Affinity- Target consumers based on interest & passion. g. A Google search for novice tennis rackets will result in an Ad about the best rackets in the market when watching a video.
    • Life Events- Target consumers during three key milestones in their life a) Moving b) Getting Married c) Going to College
    • Consumer Patterns- Target consumers based on their buying habits
  • YouTube is best suited for top of funnel activity and can drive Awareness & Consideration
  • Use YouTube Director to create high quality videos from your iOS device for free
  • Use YouTube Director Onsite to have someone come to your office to write the script and shoot the video for you. A $150 fee is required vs an average of $2000 for a video production company.
  • Optimize your YouTube channel for organic engagement and organize your page like a storefront

Although we do a great outline and recap, if you want to hear it from the professionals themselves and get a more in-depth analysis then Click Here for the recording of the live-stream! We also include all of the past recordings of the Partners Connect Events under the ‘Liked Videos’ on our YouTube page, so check them out also!

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