Google PPC Text Ad Character Update

Google’s Text Ad Update: Character Limit, Headline 3 + Description 2If you haven’t received the update notification as yet, well you better get on it! As of today (August 23rd, 2018) Google Ads has included additional text options for your Text Ad writing. There are three main additions:

  1. Additional Headline: You now have an additional Headline to capture the attention of your desired target market.
  2. Description Character Extension: Your Description character limit has just been updated from 80 characters to 90 characters
  3. Additional Description Line: Not only do you have more characters to play around with, but you have an entire additional Description line! That’s a total of 100 additional characters including the added 10 from Description 1.

Well initially it means a couple different things:

  1. Additional Visual Real Estate: When it comes to PPC visual real estate is key. Not only does it allow you to have more to say, but it plays an even more important role when it comes to mobile. Once you occupy all of the space above the fold it makes it even more important to be #1 when bidding. If you are a business that hasn’t invested in PPC and are strictly relying on organic SEO you may want to take a look around you. This is not going to be the only update that downplays your #1 organic SEO ranking.
  2. More Room for Benefits: With additional words to play with advertisers can now focus more on the benefits of the product. You’ll still definitely want to list your differentiators and features, but benefits are what really get people to want to interact with your product/service. It’s human nature to want to know how something will make their life easier.
  3. A Reminder to Stay Nimble: For advertisers, this is simply another reminder to remain nimble and keep up to date with all that is going on in your space. Each update can either positively or negatively affect the performance of your campaigns and ultimately your client’s ROI. Businesses only want to work with agencies who are at the top of their game and are constantly improving their ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) and providing value daily.