Have A Vision

Getting Personal With Our CRO: Have A Vision

A couple of months ago, the Team and I had the honor to pitch an account.  I was super excited because I LOVE this place! My husband and I frequently spend our time together there, with our kids, our dogs…it’s a happy place.  As an added bonus, I really liked their Team. I immediately felt a rapport with them.

And then it hit…the Great Pandemic.  

I recently reached out to one of the stakeholders to check-in.  A little nervous as to what to say, but always the optimist, I pushed through because I knew this was a call I needed to make.  From the moment the conversation started, I knew the real reason I had felt so compelled to call.  The conversation started as normal as calls seem to go this these days:

 “I have been thinking of you. How are you? Are you safe and healthy? Is there anything I can do for you?” 

After the initial banter, the conversation quickly turned into a wonderful, uplifting and deeply personal experience. She had mentioned that it was hard because she was alone and it was hard to keep her time occupied. I had shared with her that I too feel out of whack, all my kids are home, it’s crowded and overwhelming at times BUT I had shared…I am grateful.  I told her that I am grateful because I had realized what a rare opportunity this is for me and my family.

I would have never gotten this focused time with them had I not been forced to be locked in with them. How special it is to spend this time with them as they are all grown.  Soon they will be off on their own again, living their own lives but before that happens, I get the time to have really great DAILY conversations with each of them. We have been playing games together, laughing, singing and dancing in the kitchen, taking walks together and eating together…NIGHTLY.  She told me that she was glad to hear that positive take on the situation. She has been hearing so many parents, seeing memes on social media, and the like complaining about having all their kids at home.

In my mind, there are two options these days.  Positive and Negative. For me, being positive and hopeful is the only option.  She and I laughed at how hard being negative is. It takes a lot of work. Being positive is fun.  I had shared that one of the things that keep me on track is my vision board.  

Yes, I have a vision board. I created it about a year ago.  My bestie from college is a Life Coach and has a blog called ‘The B Word”.  During a dark moment, I had stumbled onto one of her blogs and it sounded like a good idea because at the time I needed to do something.  Something to set in motion a different mindset.

My vision board hangs on the wall on my side of the bed.  Every morning when I wake up I look at it. It is crowded with all sorts of quotes, pictures, bible verses, and dreams…My BIG dreams.  For myself, my family, my career, my home, even my bank account.

The crazy, frankly remarkable, thing about the vision board is that it works!  Many of the things I have on that board have come to pass and I believe that the Universe is working on the other stuff too despite the situation we all find ourselves in now.

The future, a bright future, is on the other side of this quarantine.  For me, as it does in the present, that looks like happiness, peace, contentment, success, security in all areas of my life.  My dreams come true. I am so sure of this because my vision for my life is clear. I see it every day. If it ever gets cloudy, and believe me I have my moments, especially now,  I just troop upstairs and take a look. I remind myself of the vision I have for myself, my family, my career, our home, my life and just like that… I am back right.

I hope my new friend is busy at her vision board.  I hope you will consider it too. HAVE A VISION! Have fun, fill it with all that is important to YOU.  Your hopes and dreams, a new couch, whatever it is that makes you smile. And then…let it work for you too. What does your vision board look like?