How Does FTC Now Regulate on line privacy?

How Does FTC Now Regulate on line privacy?It would seem to me the credibility of the FTC was tarnished last week when it was reported our federal government is already gathering data on all. From reports they have access to every individual’s personal information. NY Daily News reported that they not only can access every stroke on your computer, but even deleted messages. While I am typing up this blog the government can not only read what I am publishing but anything I might have deleted through this process. Since our government has established the intrusion bench mark extremely high any consumer data gathering by business for consumer usage is going to seem insignificant. The fact a data company can track an individual’s purchasing behavior and share that with other to market pales in comparison. The government can view every web site a person has viewed and if they have ever sent a drunk text. It would seem any regulation is going to be easily destroyed in a debate when the government is running a data monopoly. This is going to make it very important that we as marketers do a better job of self-regulation. We need to respect our on line consumers and targets in a way that will develop trust. The IAB is currently developing some very stringent guidelines for the community. These need to be followed and utilized for our effectiveness to be realized. The consumer does not need to begin to resent our client’s and brands from over bearing targeting. This trust with the consumer can never be broken. We use our data to try to establish more relevance with the consumer and their needs, not data gathering to judge their deeds. Marketers need to be on the right side of history and guard the brands we market. Markets rule Spying Drools! Peace!