How Ryan Reynold’s Work Made Him A ’19 Content Finalist

Ryan Reynolds Content Marketer

We all know Ryan Reynolds as the hilarious actor most notably recognized for his role as Deadpool. You may not know that he is a finalist for the 2019 Content Marketer of the Year for his work on the Aviation American Gin. His ranking follows Aviation’s recent win in Adweek’s first March Adness bracketed tournament. Ryan Reynolds became one of the owners of Aviation Gin and took over as its creative director. Since then, Reynolds has created Aviation’s brand around his humor in tv spots, social channels, and videos.

Although it’s doubtful that he blew and hand-etched every bottle, he has put his all into Aviation’s marketing. In his commercial, he asks, “Can you ever really go too far for your brand?” and answers with, “I just don’t think it’s possible.”Ryan Reynolds’ videos have repeatedly gone viral due to their tongue-in-cheek humor and original content. From being interviewed by his fictional twin to partnering up with Hugh Jackman, Reynolds’ videos never disappoint. 

Reynolds has brought much attention to Aviation and earned advertising through simple acts and his social media posts. On The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon, Reynolds gave out his Aviation work email. This exposure led to him getting 20,000 emails in one day and crashing the company’s servers, followed by multiple media outlets sharing the story. 

Ryan Reynolds constantly posts about Aviation getting thousands of likes, comments, and shares on his Twitter. His tweets often consist of his unique, witty humor. Not only does Reynolds produce great work, but he also fosters Aviation’s marketing team and encourages them to create entertaining content. Although they use data to help them plan their marketing, they use it more as directional than determinative. Their primary focus is on putting out content that represents their brand personality. 

You can learn much about content marketing from Ryan Reynolds’s work for Aviation Gin, but the main takeaway is that you should never be afraid to push boundaries.