How to define the effectiveness of Digital Banner campaigns?

How to define the effectiveness of Digital Banner campaigns?Many try to evaluate from a CTR (Click thru rate) but that is very simplistic. Feel free to enjoy the entire article but in short here is the essence: Reach – Depth of impact in a  market. These numbers have been calculated several ways in the past but a quick rule of thumb is 10 to 1. If you have a campaign with 1,000,000 impressions it will have a reach of about 100,000. There will be some variables for geographic targeting, Tampa, Hillsborough County, but this will give you a base line. Engagement – Percentage of display ads that rich media elements were engaged. Email address accessed, mouse hover over sizzling fajitas, video watched, seminar sign up, Twitter sign up…What number of impressions engaged the consumer. Lift in Site Visits – Many time the consumer sees the ad is in the middle of ‘surfing” but then comes back to the site when they have time. ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT FOR DIGITAL ONLY CAMPAIGNS Search and display overlap -For example, if users are searching for the tag-line from your campaign, product name, or other branded keyword, you can be confident those terms are resonating with users. Conversion ROI – This can be difficult, but make sure when working with your advertiser, or media partner that these are agreed upon prior to the campaign. This will allow for a solid foundation of  understanding and expectations. One other item of opinion is the responsibility of the advertiser to assign values to all the tactical engagement. What is an email address worth, twitter follower, facebook like… Once these have been analyzed and a dollar figure has been decided this can bring true accountability to campaigns and the re-marketing that follows.