Isolation Marketing and Its Healthy Future

In our opinion, brands have been able to talk about personalization, digital shift, analytics, and other terms without having to truly adopt these initiatives. They could build a website, send emails, open social portals, provide content, and then direct 80% of their resources and time executing their traditional media strategy.This strategy avoided the inevitable and the inevitable is now here. This is actually great news because the technology and talent has been waiting for adoption by more brands, and consumers are now more concerned than ever about the future. This combination allows for brands to be more personal and help support these consumers in a more sincere way. 

An article in Adweek reported.

“ Brand actions during critical moments such as this can prompt a consumer to “reassess and manipulate memories of past events, such as converting positive memories into negative ones or vice versa,” according to research from marketing professors Colleen Harmeling, Robert Palmatier, Mark Houston and other colleagues. A single event can “disrupt gradual relationship development and serve as a defining moment in a relationship’s history, driving transformational emotions and cognitions and causing a dramatic change in the relationship’s velocity.”

This article is designed to communicate, to brands, how important it is to become leaders in their local markets to instill confidence in communities.

Here are 3 ways that brands can boost loyalty and provide comfort to consumers:


As previously stated in our article on Personalization, “Customers want meaningful interactions with brands and are now expecting more personal interactions with businesses. Personalization puts users at the center of content giving attention to the behaviors and needs of your customers.” To succeed here, brands must create a granular message and understand the feelings of the end consumer at the lowest level of basic human needs. By analyzing Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs you can understand how your product/service can better support the consumers.

Currently,  the bottom three rudimentary needs are very topical- Physiological, Safety & Love/Belonging. People are thinking about safety for themselves and family members. To translate this into marketing terms, if you are selling lasagna it might not save a life, but it can bring comfort to a family around the dinner table for a meal that brings them closer, which feeds “love and belonging”.

Digital channels allow us to talk to these consumers in a granular way for geography and family situation. How are brands speaking to Tampa Bay families differently than they are in Atlanta? Brands need to speak to consumers through their communities whether that be geographic, psychographic or even more specific data points such as online behavior.

Personalization done well will be received in an appreciative manner and help support the consumers in a sincere way with Safety, and Love/Belonging. These are serious times and personalization through digital channels can help build loyalty in more granular tribes, while providing the much-needed comfort that consumers are seeking out

Brand Fit Fulfillment 

According to a Smartinsights article, “64% of consumers are now belief-driven buyers who want brands to deliver on societal issues, as well as products“. If your brand can understand their position in Maslow’s hierarchy, find a sincere place and then fulfill it, they can be forever remembered as one that assisted during these challenging times. This is not sending emails and reminding people to wash hands, this is how your product makes the world a better place and how it can help people during this time. If you and your team can deliver this message and in turn, your product supports the consumer you will never be forgotten. That is a powerful pulpit that can be used now and in the future!

Encouragement & Introspection

We live in a fast-paced world, we all know that, but maybe it’s time for us to slow down a bit. Maybe we need to realize how many “first-world” problems we have, and that making our homes and communities stronger might be the takeaway here. With that being said,  is that necessarily a bad thing? Is contemplation, quiet and understanding those around you in a more sincere way a bad thing? Probably not, and for many, it is way overdue. As a brand how do you look at this situation, understand it and execute in a manner that will provide clarity to what is really important to us? Can your brand talk in a sincere or maybe even humorous voice to encourage and bring perspective? Does your brand assist with this enlightenment and how can you support this ride into unknown territory.

These are challenging times but if we as people, parents, communities, and brands allow ourselves to look past financial impact and truly focus on the end-consumer, there might be the ability to redesign your consumer relationship. A relationship that is built in a very challenging environment.  The tougher the time the relationships are developed, the longer they last. Band of brothers & sisters!

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