Programmatic Radio X Jelli – June 29

Programmatic Radio X Jelli – June 29Jelli, a new platform bringing programmatic buying to radio, is going to disrupt the status quo. Google has, clearly, already altered the way everyday users and marketers experience the internet.



On Wednesday, June 29, representatives from both companies will be in Tampa to candidly discuss what new media buys look like and what ad tech’s rapid evolution means to marketers looking for the most creative and meaningful ways to improve the financial and intellectual bottom lines for clients.

To many, our gathering at Ybor City art gallery/production space Lot 1901, has to do with the death of the sales rep, but let’s be honest with ourselves — there will always be a need for the human touch.

Not every rep is going to lose their job, and everyone in marketing will always appreciate human-to-human contact. To be able to check in on the details of another person’s personal life — be it their kids, career, or some other personal endeavour — is something we take for granted every day.

Still, media companies have to address mounting debts. They have to trim up and embrace the opportunities new technology present.

Join us for a very important talk on the state of the traditional media buy. Ask a lot of questions. Meet a ton of people, and drink as much free Cigar City beer your heart desires. Registration is free, and the only thing we ask of you is to come with an open mind and an unfiltered mouth.About MA+A: One of 100 Google All-Star Agencies in North America and the only one in Central Florida. The designation from the search company reflects the efficiency with which we’ve taken clients’ ad spend and translated it  into meaningful ROI. More importantly, the Google All-Star tag is a symbol of our six-year relationship with the search giant, growing together and developing their ad product as we use it in combination with other non-Googly tools to create — and more importantly evolve — campaigns that keep our partners on the forefront of the always changing digital advertising space. These talks have evolved from early morning chats to full fledged, leave-work-early learning sessions.

About JELLI: Jelli is the first cloud-based ad platform for the $40 billion global radio market. It enables radio to take part in the surging programmatic advertising landscape, naming Relay Ventures, Intel Capital, First Round Capital, iHeartMedia, and Universal Music Group among its investors.