Jelli & The Programmatic Radio Revolution

Jelli & The Programmatic Radio RevolutionJust a week ago, we brought together some of the brightest minds in digital advertising to discuss the future of programmatic radio buying. Those with experience in traditional media buys know just how tedious the negotiation and transaction processes can be. Not to mention, having to deal with real people at the other end of the transaction forces us, the media buyers, to work around each other’s schedules. Well, just like that, Jelli, a new radio advertising platform, is working to solve those issues with some whip-smart technology. Are you ready for the revolution?

The platform’s chief revenue officer, Jason Stern, led the conversation last Wednesday by letting us in on a not-so-obvious fact: radio is expected to drive $180 million in 2016, and will grow to >$4 billion by 2020. That’s right. Over $4 billion in ad revenue will be driven by radio. If that doesn’t get your attention, maybe this will: the iHearMedia Marketplace has a greater audience platform reach than Google’s and Yahoo’s ad networks. See below if you need proof.

The thought of seamlessly tapping into this expansive audio network is like music to our years. At McKay, we’re proud to be the only ad agency in the state of Florida leveraging Jelli’s power.

If you weren’t able to make it to last week’s talk, you missed a jam-packed session of brainy advertising musings. Lucky for you, we’ve recapped the key points from Jason’s programmatic radio presentation.Audience Targeting
Only Platform for buying Audiences (ex: Auto Intenders) on Broadcast

Faster, More Efficient Buying and Execution
Agency time is now free’ed up an focused maximizing the campaign ROI
Agency and client programmatic investments & strategies are disconnected from radio buying.

Weather Targeting
Only Platform to rotate copy automatically based on weather

Transparent Access to Inventory and Pricing
Visibility into inventory and “What If” capability to better achieve goals (CPM, CPP, GRP and Impressions)

Live Inventory & Automated Delivery

Real-time Reporting
Transparency and ability to tie results to channel results

If you’d like to continue the conversation, contact Eric with your thoughts on the radio buying revolution. Also, keep an eye out for details on our next event.