JHACH – The 3-Day Challenge

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital (JHACH)About, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida is a leader in children’s health care, combining a legacy of compassionate care focused solely on children since 1926 with the innovation and experience of one of the world’s leading health care systems. The 259-bed teaching hospital, ranked as a U.S. News & World Report Best Children’s Best Children’s Hospital, stands at the forefront of discovery,innovative research to cure and prevent childhood diseases while training the next generation of pediatric experts.Executive Summary
JHACH needed a way to break through the clutter at a 3-day convention for pediatric medical professionals and attract potential candidates for two neonatal fellowships. Using our Google expertise and innovative mindset we delivered the following results in 3 days:

  • 13 conversions
  • Engagement: 708 clicks & 2:28min avg. time on page
  • 520-person remarketing pool (+17 additional conversions in 2 weeks)
  • 30 total form fills

Challenge: Breaking through the Noise
At the beginning of May 2017 JHACH was faced with a serious challenge. McKay Advertising + Activation accepted the challenge and approached multiple companies for solutions. We landed on the Google products as the best solution and relied on the Google expertise at our disposal.

JHACH was attending a conference at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, CA from May 6th-9thwith a goal of recruiting top medical professionals to join their team. The conference was held by the Pediatric Academic Society (PAS) with the intent to bring together thousands of healthcare providers to improve the well-being of children worldwide.

Not only were there going to be hundreds of other companies at the event, but there were also several presentations and guest speakers offering their advice on the topic. JHACH was faced with 2 main challenges:

  • Challenge 1) How to standout in a crowd of hundreds of healthcare professional and guest speakers presenting information.
  • Challenge 2) What sort of marketing approach would be most beneficial for this type of short-term scenario.

Solution: Get Granular-Zoom In
Our team at MA+Ahad never done anything like this before. After looking at various options we concludedthat the best way to tackle this problem did not lie in traditional advertising, but instead in Google products with a digital approach. A billboard in the area would of cost over $25K and remainedthere for one month. This approach was not feasible, especially when we arrived at a $3200 cost for our solutions.We instantly got with our colleague who works at the Google office in New York and began to work out thedetails of the campaign. After toying with numerous ideas, we concludedthat it was time to get granular. We decided on:

  • Solution 1) Geofencing the Moscone Center and the three main hotels that attendees were staying at:The Hilton San Francisco Union Square, San Francisco Marriott Marquis and the Inter Continental San Francisco.By placing a geofence around these 4 areas we could serve our JHACH Display Ads at a high rate to the individuals in these areas and drive them to their conference booth.

  • Solution 2) Remarketing. Now that we could capture these professionals, we wanted to make sure that they stayed engaged with JHACH even when they returned to their different states.We used a look alike model AKA “Similar to all visitors Audience” to increase remarketing efforts.We were now able to continuously serve our display ads to the individuals in the remarketing pool and similar people to drive them to convert.

“Fellowship recruitment is very competitive and important. The team at McKay Advertising + Activation worked closely with our team to develop an approach that met our challenge head on. We were very pleased with the results and the entire team was areal pleasure to work with.

– Catherine Mitchell, Director of Marketing & Creative at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital


708 clicks

Form fills:


Average time spent on the page:

2 min 28 seconds

Total conversions:


Remarketing pool:

520 captured