“Each campaign is built for the individual location.”

MA+A works with multi-location and franchise brands nationally. However, that national scope and success come from breaking down the campaigns to the individual store level. When the project for hundreds of stores is created it is considered with a unique strategy for each store. This is because consumers around each store behave differently, and there are different competitors. 

These are the micro considerations that are analyzed for each location. The ability for resources to shift from Google to Facebook/Instagram, Facebook/Instagram to Tik Tok, or any number of other strategy implementations so that results are optimized. We are driven to have the internal stakeholders of each location realize the impact.

“It’s No Longer About Marketing + Advertising, It’s About Business Outcomes” Bob McKay, since 2014

In addition to our baseline marketing strategy, the key to our success lies in our Proprietary Location Persona Strategy. 

1. Scale:

How many people do you want to reach? What is the optimal geo pull? First-party data by location?

2. Product Uniqueness vs Competitors:

Which offerings can we push an advantage on? What are the top 2-3 competitors in the area? Are they employing marketing?

3. Population Demographics

Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Income. Who is your optimal user?

4. Product Preferences:

Do they like your “product A” more than your “Product B” in a certain location? Is there regional nuance of offerings?

5. Chain vs Local Presence

Are you viewed locally or as a national brand. How is the store owner relating to the community? Do you want to emphasize the product or quick and ease of service?



Questions to ask your media buyer

Unfortunately, we’ve noticed that most media partners report metrics that look great at a glance, but when you dive into the details they are VERY misleading when it comes to new customer acquisition for your stores.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself and your media buyer:

  • What percentage of our PPC budget is allocated towards branded vs non-branded search?
  • Are we being conquested by competitors? Do we have a conquest strategy?
  • Do we have hard analytics about where customers come from, or are we relying on Word of Mouth? e.g. “I think I heard it on the radio
  • What ways are we using our first-party data in our campaigns?
  • What are our main reporting metrics? Are they represented in a live dashboard?
  • What new ideas have been tested this week?
  • How is my media affecting sales? Have our sales team met with the media buyer?

What To Be:

  • Digital warriors focused on ROI
  • Constantly optimizing using data
  • Idea Generators
  • Your Personal Collaborators

What Not To Be:

  • A one-size-fits-all approach
  • Set it and forget it marketers
  • Nameless or faceless

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