Marketing Department Structure: 4 Ways To Achieve Success

Marketing Department Structure: 4 Ways To Achieve Success

The marketing department structure has changed significantly over the past 10 years, and even more so in the past 6 months. The marketing department responsibilities have gone from the age of the ‘Big Idea’ and a staff of 20 where brand awareness reigned king, to the scrutiny of the CFO who rightfully demanded where all of the money was going, to the age of data and facts where the marketing department and CMO is in charge of tech, hiring and ultimately customer relationships. We now sit somewhere in between these worlds, where the marketing department’s responsibilities have skyrocketed and the norm is the idea of a Marketing Department of One. You may be asking what do marketers do on a daily basis?

Here are 4 ways to supercharge your One-Man Marketing Department:

Be Versatile & Agile

When it comes to skills that make a marketer successful in 2021 versatility and agility is number one. Marketers today must be strategic, data-driven, focused on personalized, tech savvy and a right-hand partner to the sales department. The key here is to be data-driven and strategic about optimization. Developing a full- funnel approach to your company’s marketing effort will play a key role in how your company stays relevant in today’s environment, but the foresight to go back and optimize over time is what leads to greatness. Small, strategic changes over an extended period of time yield actionable steps and insights. 

In-House, Outsourced & Not A Priority

Thinking about your marketing department capabilities vs what needs to be achieved can be a long list that feels overwhelming. The most effective ways to achieve simplicity is to first map out all of the marketing functions. Second, divide these functions into 3 distinct areas: In-House, Outsourced and Not A Priority. The in-house and outsourced functions must focus on the core competency of your business. Divide these up and you’ll be surprised at how manageable the overall marketing strategy will become. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Smart Insights estimates that 84% of B2B organizations outsource content creation! That’s just one of the many marketing functions that may be better off in the outsourced category. The outsourced capabilities are better off with an agency partner that can seamlessly integrate into your team and vision. We know of one *wink *wink

Map Out Your Marketing Stack

The marketing stack is the group of technologies that you choose to use to operate your marketing functions. They allow you to simplify processes and automate tasks. Understanding your marketing stack is key to mapping out your department functions and also segmenting which capabilities should remain in house vs outsourced. It really doesn’t have to be complicated. Map out your stack, see what gaps need to be filled and figure out if you have the time, knowledge, resources or desire to get the task done. Once you weigh these gaps against the output you anticipate to receive from filling these gaps, you’ll have a good idea of your next move. 


Now that you have figured out how to be strategic, you’ve divided the marketing functions into in-house and outsourced and you have figured out your marketing stack, the next step is to automate where you can. As a one-man marketing team, you now have to walk the fine line between managing the outsourced projects, while being efficient at the functions you’ve outlined for inhouse. Automation allows you to narrow this process down even further by removing the mundane tasks, while at the same time showing your customer that you are there at various points of their journey. From simple automation such as Thank You emails and triggered responses, to automating the flow of leads to your CRM and tying various technologies into the process to achieve efficiencies such as online bookings, abandon cart emails or MQL triggers to sales, you must start somewhere! 


What are 5 capabilities that you need to implement in 2021? Now, write down 3 resources that you need in order to achieve each of these. You know what to do next!