Combining Traditional & Digital For A More Holistic Approach

With a combined 60+ years of traditional media buying experience MA+A can ensure that you receive the best placement at the lowest cost.

Using our coined term “The Activation Bridge” we use both traditional and digital methods to deliver the best quality ad campaigns to our customers. “The Activation Bridge” connects the online and offline world to create a holistic approach to advertising. We make it easy for you. Just tell us what you have in mind and you can leave the buying up to us.

We are media agnostic and go with what works. If print, TV, radio or billboards is your jam, we can deliver

What We Offer



MA+A is the first agency in the Southeast to use programmatic technology to place traditional media. Using leading technology, we have been able to exclude the middleman and therefore cut costs for you.


Yes, we got you covered.
MA+A hasfor your business

Media Negotiations

Getting you the biggest bang for your media buck!

Programmatic Buying

Directing the right messages to the right people

Content Creation

Crafting the right messages for your target audience

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Cultivating your list of potential and existing clients

Advanced Data Analysis

Surveying the numbers that matter with a diagnostic eye

TV Commercials / Digital Video Pre-Roll

Producing audio visuals that captivate

Radio Commercials

Generating ads that transcend over the airwaves

Website Design & Development

Creating a digital storefront that engages your customers

Digital Ad Banners

Building ads that draw attention and convert your audiences

Graphic Design

Designing creative assets that wow and support your initiatives

Studio-Quality Music Jingles

Producing tunes that dazzle and complement your message

We Take Care of All of Your
Traditional & Digital Media Needs.

We handle all of the media buying in-house. By doing so we not only offer the most nimble campaign adjustment strategies, but you get the biggest bang for your buck by cutting out the middleman. From Programmatic Buying to Lead Generation & Customer Journey Design and also all Traditional buys (Tv, Print, Radio, Outdoor) we are your full-service agency.