Reach Your Customers Where They Spend Time

Whether it’s through Facebook’s Ads Manager for B2C or LinkedIn Advertising for a B2B approach we can reach your ideal customer. Like our PPC campaigns, this is not a set it and forget it strategy. Constant optimization and testing are what make our paid social campaigns successful. Whether you are selling tickets, collecting form fills, or simply driving awareness of your product or service- we can deliver.

What We Offer



This is NOT boosting posts.  Using Facebook Ads Manager, we utilize Facebook’s expansive variety of audience targeting, placements, ad formats, bidding settings, and delivery to achieve your goals- whether it be generating qualified leads or selling products online.


If your goals are to reach B2B, we utilize this emerging ad platform’s sophisticated professional targeting and high-engagement placements to reach your target. Whether it’s a mom and pop shop owner, or a Fortune 500 CEO.


Want to expand your reach to new platforms and younger audiences? Snapchat can fill the need.  Using high-action ad formats and increasing granularity of metrics, we can get you ahead of the game.


Engagement, product sales, follower growth, event attendance: all this can be driven at cost-effective rates with the in-depth targeting tactics we use on Twitter.

MANAGEMENT FEES :: 20-30% of spend based on contract and spend level

MA+A hasfor your business

Media Negotiations

Getting you the biggest bang for your media buck!

Programmatic Buying

Directing the right messages to the right people

Content Creation

Crafting the right messages for your target audience

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Cultivating your list of potential and existing clients

Advanced Data Analysis

Surveying the numbers that matter with a diagnostic eye

TV Commercials / Digital Video Pre-Roll

Producing audio visuals that captivate

Radio Commercials

Generating ads that transcend over the airwaves

Website Design & Development

Creating a digital storefront that engages your customers

Digital Ad Banners

Building ads that draw attention and convert your audiences

Graphic Design

Designing creative assets that wow and support your initiatives

Studio-Quality Music Jingles

Producing tunes that dazzle and complement your message

We Take Care of All of Your
Traditional & Digital Media Needs.

We handle all of the media buying in-house. By doing so we not only offer the most nimble campaign adjustment strategies, but you get the biggest bang for your buck by cutting out the middleman. From Programmatic Buying to Lead Generation & Customer Journey Design and also all Traditional buys (Tv, Print, Radio, Outdoor) we are your full-service agency.