Personalizing Your Digital Marketing Efforts


Customers want meaningful interactions with brands and are now expecting more personal interactions with businesses. Personalization puts users at the center of content giving attention to the behaviors and needs of your customers. A study by Salesforce states that 58% of customers believe it is critical for businesses to have personalized marketing and  52% say that it can influence them to switch to another brand. Here are a few ways you should be personalizing your digital marketing efforts:


Personalized Content

A great way to personalize your marketing is through automated emails and including their name in the email is key. Users are 18.3% more likely to open an email if their name is in the subject. Customers prefer emails that don’t feel mass-produced, so using information from their profiles like location or interests can make them more interested in your content.

Behavioral Emails

Another thing you can do to personalize your email marketing is send out emails that are triggered by your customer’s behaviors and actions. You can personalize your emails based on if they’ve made a purchase, visited your website, or left something in their shopping cart.


Customers often like deals and discounts so it makes sense that you should include that in your marketing. Giving first-time visitors a deal makes them feel like you value their new business. Nothing makes someone feel more special than being acknowledged on their birthday. Send a discount on their birthday to make them feel appreciated. 



A 2017 study by smarterHQ found that 44% of Amazon customers buy from product recommendations. One way to personalize your website is by using the information you have on the customer. For instance, you can use their location to recommend specific items or services. During checkout or while shopping on your site you can give them recommendations based on their previous interests. This will make them feel like they are being helped personally and gives you the added bonus of getting another purchase.


Creating profiles for the customer where they can log in and create wishlists or see their previous orders makes their journey easier. A great way to capitalize on this is by reducing the friction when the customer chooses to check out. By having their payment option or address set up, the purchasing process is more fluid and therefore more enjoyable to the customer. 

Interactive Content

You can’t always know everything about your customer so why not ask them? Brooks, a running shoe and apparel company, created a quiz that their customers can take to figure out what shoe would be best for their running. ThirdLove a bra company allows the customer to find their perfect size and style through personalized questions. Quizzes are a great way to customize recommendations and give the customer a way to get help. A customer-centric strategy is key to success and what better way to do it than hear from the customers themselves! With tools and technology like AI available, it is becoming increasingly easier to personalize your digital marketing. Customers find personalized content more relevant and are more likely to feel connected to your brand. Targeting the right customer with the right message makes it resonate more and ultimately drives higher revenue.