Programmatic Buying for ALL Media

Programmatic buying simplifies marketing in an ever-changing and crowded marketplace, with limitless options for customers. McKay Advertising + Activation strategically buy digital and traditional media using effective and automated purchasing to maximize consumer attention and make meaningful connections with target audiences.

Millions of websites, applications, digital platforms, and even traditional media channels like radio, TV, and outdoors compete for consumers’ attention in today’s media ecosystem. This competition makes effective campaign planning a tough challenge for brands. Previously, campaign planning consisted of proposals, quotes, and negotiations with a sales representative. Programmatic buying has simplified this task by automating the buying process for all media. 

By streamlining the process, it becomes efficient and effective. Consolidating all advertising efforts and allowing brands to reach niche target markets based on demographic targeting that includes detailed profiling based on age, gender, or household income and layering in the keyword, behavioral, geographic, and retargeting.

What was once just TV and billboards has become a mobile, desktop, tablet, digital outdoor, connected TV, and more. Programmatic advertising facilitates a unique experience through the quick purchase of ad inventory. It allows our team to quickly pivot into areas that are getting you actual results, ensuring your money is not wasted.

Brands that are serious about growth should consider an investment. Like any of the media’s shiny solutions, there’s a catch. In this case, it’s the complexity of programmatic advertising. It’s an environment with a lot of moving parts. To be done right, it requires highly skilled professionals who understand the platforms and the intricacies involved—making it essential to partner with an experienced marketing partner who knows the ins and outs of this technology. 

Get ready to revolutionize your brand and turn the lights on.