Data-backed Strategy. Thoughtful Execution. Measurable Results. The Activation Bridge is a term that McKay Advertising + Activation coined and it describes the connection between traditional and digital media. Bringing certain aspects of the two together is complementary and optimizes the elements that work best in each. This model culminates in a partnership where digital and traditional media become more effective together, than in separate tracks. Our portfolio highlights our work with prominent local companies with far-reaching industry influence and established national brands.

Franchise Whisperers

We adopt a sympathetic view of the motives, needs, and desires of the franchisee while nurturing corporate's mission.

Data-Driven Solutions for Digital Communications

Soft Metrics are out. ROI is in. At McKay we bring you attributable results and turn advertising impressions into relationships with your consumers.

Programmatic Buying for ALL Media

Our number one goal is your success. That is why we know experienced in both digital and traditional media, so we can focus on the marketing strategy that is most effective for individual needs.

Website and Digital Storefront

First impressions are important. Websites are your consumer's first impression of your brand, so let's make it a good one.

Open Source Knowledge

Open Source values are creating transparent, powerful new marketplaces that operate in real-time and are driven by consumers.

Activation Bridge

We developed the Activation Bridge model to fuse innovation and strategy and create groundbreaking digital marketing experiences for our clients.