Thursday Thoughts On Advertising 14

Digital Advertising

#ThursdayThoughtsEvery Thursday we look at the trends/updates/interesting articles found in the Marketing + Advertising + Tech industry. Each submission is presented by a different MA+A employee and covers various topics applicable to our business. The following are professional opinions, summaries or both. This week we’ll look at: Google+ Shutting Down, The Conversion Formula, Google Begins To […]

Three Ways for Small Businesses to Take Initiative-GDPR

New Data Regs: Three Ways for Small Businesses to Take Initiative (GDPR) McKay Advetising+Activation’s CEO, Bob McKay, is featured in the Tampa Bay Business Journal guest column this month for his insights into the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) passed on May 25th. The data police are taking this issue seriously and it’s always better to […]

Google Hangout: Engaging Audiences w/Immersive Ad Experiences

Google Hangout: Engaging Audiences With Immersive Ad ExperiencesOur Google Hangout event series is kicking off its next installment at the end of this month on September 15th with another insightful set of presentations from advertising industry leaders. In one afternoon, we’ll get to hear from and soak up marketing wisdom from Google AdWords + Nativo […]

Jelli & The Programmatic Radio Revolution

Jelli & The Programmatic Radio RevolutionJust a week ago, we brought together some of the brightest minds in digital advertising to discuss the future of programmatic radio buying. Those with experience in traditional media buys know just how tedious the negotiation and transaction processes can be. Not to mention, having to deal with real people at […]

Programmatic Advertising: The Definitive Guide

Programmatic Advertising: The Definitive GuideThis is part one of a four-part informational series written to define the common and not-so-common terms used in the digital marketing world. Do you ever freak out at all of the programmatic advertising lingo used in industry whitepapers? Does a bewildered look ever creep on your face after a colleague […]

Programmatic Radio X Jelli – June 29

Programmatic Radio X Jelli – June 29Jelli, a new platform bringing programmatic buying to radio, is going to disrupt the status quo. Google has, clearly, already altered the way everyday users and marketers experience the internet. PROGRAMMATIC RADIO BUYING • LOT 1901 DIRECTIONS • FB EVENT PAGE On Wednesday, June 29, representatives from both companies will […]

Jelli & Google Come to Ybor City, Stream It

Jelli & Google Come to Ybor City, Stream ItThe pastries are freshly baked, the Cigar City Brewing Maduro is chilled and our friends from Jelli + Google have flown in for our event taking place today at Lot 1901 in Ybor City from 3-5 p.m. If you’ve already registered, then you got an email detailing […]

Digital Revolution Takes Hold of Newspaper Industry

Digital Advertising Revolution Takes Hold of Newspaper IndustryNAA Bids Farewell to Its National Ad Sales Company In a clear move to stay afloat in a digital-first world, the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) announced last Tuesday that it’s shuttering its national ad sales affiliate, the Newspaper National Network (NNN). This decision comes after CFO Robert […]

Programmatic x Pabst: 3 Things We Learned

Programmatic x Pabst: 3 Things We LearnedIt was truly a pleasure hosting you all for a candid conversation about programmatic media buying’s move into the traditional space. We look forward to your feedback about the event, but here are a few things we learned last week.With at least 85MM registered users on alone, sophisticated […]

Programmatic x Pabst – May 19

Programmatic x Pabst – May 19Many don’t even realize it, but everyone that’s ever been online has been touched by programmatic media buying. PROGRAMMATIC x PABST • LOT 1901 DIRECTIONS • FB EVENT PAGE On May 19, McKay Advertising + Activation (MA+A) is proud to welcome TubeMogul  to Ybor City’s Lot 1901 gallery space for […]