Do You Have An Abusive Agency Relationship?

Do You Have An Abusive Agency Relationship?Being in the digital media space since 2009, it has been very interesting to watch brand-client relationships in several aspects. The most shocking element is how similar some agency brand relationships are to abusive personal relationships. The definition of an abusive relationship is: “Relationship abuse is a pattern of […]

Digital Revolution Takes Hold of Newspaper Industry

Digital Advertising Revolution Takes Hold of Newspaper IndustryNAA Bids Farewell to Its National Ad Sales Company In a clear move to stay afloat in a digital-first world, the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) announced last Tuesday that it’s shuttering its national ad sales affiliate, the Newspaper National Network (NNN). This decision comes after CFO Robert […]

Is Branding Dead?

Is Branding Dead?Marketers want efficient media spend, so why does  TV have the lion’s share of advertising dollars in the US? Measuring a TV spot’s effectiveness is a little like a craps shoot, isn’t it? The runner-up in ad spend is online advertising, which is extremely effective at measurement and tracking. James Zhao writes that […]

Conversion is King

Conversion is KingDigital media is a changing the way advertisers views results and success. It is still in its infancy, but the long-awaited ability to track the consumer’s path through the online sales funnel is finally available. This data gives marketers insights into what media is best working to deliver the consumer to sale.   […]

Video Pre-roll – New Sheriff in Town!

Video Pre-roll – New Sheriff in Town!The data is in! Video –preroll is going to be a major disruptive factor to traditional media. The impact it will have on newspaper, TV, cable, and others will be significant. Monies will begin to chase the consumer that wants their news and entertainment on demand and will view […]