Tampa Bay History Museum Freebie

Tampa Bay History Museum FreebieA historic freebie is in your future. On April 17, the Tampa Bay History Center — in partnership with the Tampa Yankees — is paying tribute to military families by opening their doors and waving admission fees for everyone. The occasion is the 75th anniversary of MacDill Air Force Base and […]

Election News: Bernie & Cruz Are Better At Facebook Than Advertisers

Election News: Bernie & Cruz Are Better At Facebook Than AdvertisersAn election doozy. Ted Cruz is sexy. Well his Facebook is. Not all the time, though. The presidential hopeful is still fighting an uphill battle with the Don (who, according to this Gizmodo article, apparently doesn’t use computers?), but today Cruz scored some kudos from […]

Demystifying Google Tag Manager

Demystifying Google Tag ManagerGoogle Tag Manager GTM The Google Tag Manager Tag will be placed at the bottom of this email. The power of using this tag is that it allows a single placement of code onto every page of the site which allows us on the campaign and tracking end to be able to […]

How to define the effectiveness of Digital Banner campaigns?

How to define the effectiveness of Digital Banner campaigns?Many try to evaluate from a CTR (Click thru rate) but that is very simplistic. Feel free to enjoy the entire article but in short here is the essence: Reach – Depth of impact in a  market. These numbers have been calculated several ways in the past but a […]

MA+A On The Road: Coast To Coast

MA+A On The Road: Coast To CoastWe’ve got quite a week lined up. Our Google partners have arrived in Tampa in preparation for today’s marketing talk in Ybor, and they’ll be making the slide down I-4 with us to talk to several hundred folks at Orlando’s National Entrepreneur Center #SmallBiz360 seminar on Thursday, Feb. 11. […]

Google Is Here: Essentials For Today’s Free Marketing Shindig In Ybor

Google Is Here: Essentials For Today’s Free Marketing Shindig In YborGOOGLE COMES TO YBOR THE BLIND TIGER 1901 E. 7th Ave. DIRECTIONS – PARKING For A Last Minute Spot Please Call or email Eric Ortiz. First, thanks for registering! If you got here from the email we sent out, then go ahead and scroll to […]

Stream National Entrepreneur Center’s SmallBiz360

Stream National Entrepreneur Center’s SmallBiz360LIVE STREAM: NEC SMALLBIZ360 ORLANDO, FL #SMALLBIZ360 **The National Entrepreneur Center’s SmallBiz360 seminar kicks off Thursday February 11 at 1 p.m. EST — Look for the link above to go live then. On Thursday February 11, while Ray is in Austin, Texas for Digiday’s three-day content marketing summit, the boys and […]

Stream DIGIDAY’s Content Marketing Summit

Stream DIGIDAY’s Content Marketing SummitLIVE STREAM: #DigidayDCMS Content Marketing Summit **Digiday’s Content Marketing Summit kicks off Wednesday February 10 at 4 p.m. CST — Look for updated links and streams then. If you’re looking for the picture of the cute cat we posted yesterday, then click here right meow.* The boys and our partners at […]

Google Bathroom Mirror Is A Real Thing

Google Bathroom Mirror Is A Real ThingGoogle (or Alphabet, rather) is technically now the most valuable company on the planet, so why the hell are they making bathroom mirrors? Well, they technically aren’t…but one of their employees is. Yesterday, The Verge got all nerdy over an arts & crafts project Max Braun, one of the […]

Super Bowl Ads: A Waste Of Money?

Super Bowl Ads: A Waste Of Money?We’ve offered thoughts on the struggle of branding in a digital world where convenience often trumps brand recognition. Things get even blurrier when you take into account the task of measuring the specific reach of an ad or whether or not a campaign provided meaningful, ready-to-analyze ROI. It all […]