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Are you Spending your NAF and RAF Correctly?

If you’re like most franchisees and business owners, you’re not sure how to spend your NAF and RAF funds. Let’s be honest you have searched …

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The Activation Bridge accomplishes Goals that can change a Marketer’s Life

McKay Advertising + Activation has developed an innovative model, the Activation Bridge, that fuses creativity and strategy to create groundbreaking digital marketing experiences. The Activation Bridge changes the

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GrubHub Ad

What Happened With The Grubhub Ad?

Many people thought that 2021 had the potential to be slightly better than its predecessor. After all, this past year set the bar extremely low. …

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Digital Marketing Monster

4 Monsters of Digital Marketing

Halloween is here, and all of the monsters are coming out of hiding, and no we aren’t talking about the kids showing up at your …

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marketing consultant

Top 15 Marketing Consultants in Tampa

We are happy to announce that Expertise listed us as one of the 15 Best Marketing Consultants in Tampa!  Expertise reviewed 90 marketing consultants in …

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College Football

3 Ways Top Agencies Are Marketing For College Football

With the college football season starting, it is important to be thinking about what you need to be doing to drive ticket sales. Last year …

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display ad

5 Tips to Help Navigate Display Ads

Google Ads has two types of networks, search and display. Search ads appear in the search engine results, while display ads can appear on any …

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Ryan Reynolds Content Marketer

How Ryan Reynold’s Work Made Him A ’19 Content Finalist

We all know Ryan Reynolds as the hilarious actor most notably recognized for his role as Deadpool. You may not know that he is a …

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