Google Bathroom Mirror Is A Real Thing

Google Bathroom Mirror Is A Real ThingGoogle (or Alphabet, rather) is technically now the most valuable company on the planet, so why the hell are they making bathroom mirrors?

Well, they technically aren’t…but one of their employees is.

Yesterday, The Verge got all nerdy over an arts & crafts project Max Braun, one of the search engine’s engineers, was working on in his spare time — a bathroom mirror that updates its display using Android API codes. The magic glass uses info from a 170-year-old non-profit news cooperative to display headlines and the Forecast weather API to tell your narcissistic ass what it looks like outside (the rest of the world uses windows, ya tool).Braun shared a whole bunch of pictures of his process via Medium, and revealed a list of parts he used to make the guts of the gadget, so have a look below to see how it all works.

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