Thursday Thoughts On Advertising 112

Digital Media Takeover

#ThursdayThoughtsEvery Thursday we look at the trends/updates/interesting articles found in the Marketing + Advertising + Tech industry. Each submission is presented by a different MA+A employee and covers various topics applicable to our business. The following are professional opinions, summaries or both.

This week we’ll look at: More Than Half of US Advertising Spend Is Digital, Snapchat Adds New Features To Its Ad Toolkit, 10 Digital Trends For 2021, and Google Ads Unveils Enhancements To Lead Form Extensions.Bob McKay
President + FounderMore Than Half Of US Advertising Spend Is Digital see article here

“For the first time, more than half of U.S. advertising spending is set to go to digital platforms, the world’s largest ad buyer said, a reflection of marketers’ strategy shift as the pandemic pummeled the industry this year.”Alex Andrews
Executive Director of Social AdvertisingSnapchat Adds New Features To Its Ad Toolkit see the article here

Snapchat is leaning into its expanding options for direct response advertisers.  Snapchat has long been an effective video distribution platform and brand engager, but in a mobile-only environment where user tracking is becoming more difficult due to operating system updates, the low funnel campaigns have been unreliable.  The platform is focusing efforts on adding all sorts of conversion-oriented objectives AND the ability to set those as bidding goals. All this… PLUS Snapchat Audience Network!

Christian Bayne
Director of Content Strategy + Market ResearcheMarketer: 10 Digital Trends For 2021 See the article here.

Where will consumers go for entertainment? Will the crumbling cookie have a major impact? Which platforms will dominate? All of these answers and more in the report by eMarketer.Matthew Giardino
Director of Performance Marketing + AnalyticsGoogle Ads Unveils Enhancements To Lead Form Extensions See the article here.

After rolling out Lead Form Extensions last year, Google is making enhancements to make the feature easier to use, and to be able to make the feature more specific to different industries.We hope you enjoyed these snippets of information that we chose to share. Look out for the upcoming #ThursdayThoughts post. (Yes, it’ll be on Thursday). See our previous post here.