Thursday Thoughts On Advertising 29

Digital Advertising

#ThursdayThoughtsEvery Thursday we look at the trends/updates/interesting articles found in the Marketing + Advertising + Tech industry. Each submission is presented by a different MA+A Director and covers various topics applicable to our business. The following are professional opinions, summaries or both.

This week we’ll look at: LinkedIn’s Lookalike Model, Direct-To-Consumer Challenges & Solutions, Amazon’s New Attribution Model, The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Terms & The Most Liked Instagram Picture Of All Time.Matthew Giardino
Director of Digital MediaTHE Egg See the article here.

Instagram has a new king for the most liked picture of all time. 52.4 million people have ‘liked’ a picture of an egg, which beats the previous record holder who only had 18.7 million likes. The egg account will be used to advertise for various causes such as mental health and is a shining example of the power of digital and social media.Alex Andrews
Director of Social AdvertisingLinkedIn Rolls Out A Lookalike Model See the article here

LinkedIn’s improvements keep on coming!  Previously, LinkedIn’s targeting was valuable because it ensured B2B campaigns were hitting qualified and preferred targets more reliably than any other platform.  But now, with new interest targeting and upcoming lookalike audiences on the horizon, it should increase engagement and conversion rates as well.  Not only can you hit the audience you want to hit, but you can also hit the audience that WANTS to be hit, which is a key distinction.Bob McKay
President + FounderHow DTC Brands Are Navigating Their Biggest Challenge the article here

There is an intricate dynamic developing for Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) brands, especially burgeoning. The trade-off with scaling through retailers who can give access but demand large quantity, or having more control of the brand, quality, and manufacturing while selling online. Here is an article about how a few are approaching this challenge.Eric Ortiz 
Director of Sales + AcquisitionAmazon’s Attribution Model see the article here.

After eMarketer predicted that Amazon was going to do $2.8 billion dollars in ad sales, they promptly sold $10 Billion worth of ad sales (just to stick it to the analysts, apparently). They are not only growing their ad revenue side of the business, but they also will be rolling out a more holistic attribution model that will allow outside advertisers using Google or Facebook (for example) to see when their ads are converting into sales. Big things on the horizon for the Amazon Advertising ecosystem!Christian Bayne
Director of Content Strategy + Market ResearchMarketing Lingo See the article here.

Have you ever been in a meeting or in the room with modern day marketers and you have little to no idea what they are talking about? Word and acronyms such as ROAS, CPA, Byer Persona, SERP, Native etc. being tossed across the room as though it’s not even English. Well, if you have been in this situation it’s okay, I was once in the same boat and if you haven’t, well then you better start finding some new rooms. Either way, this guide will greatly assist you with understanding modern-day terminology and lingo.We hope you enjoyed these snippets of information that we chose to share. Look out for the upcoming #ThursdayThoughts post. (Yes, it’ll be on Thursday). See our previous post here.